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Holy of holies, it’s May already, time flies =O I think I always spend about the first 4 months of a new year thinking ‘Oh I’m just getting used to this new year’ and before I know it, it’s actually not a ‘new’ year anymore it’s just ‘this’ year. Hmm. Is anyone else like that? In any case, this year hasn’t been that amazing with magazine freebies, apart from the free Eyeko curler that came in last months issue of InStyle (read about it here) but things look about to change because there’s a slew of great beauty freebies with this month’s magazines – free Benefit Porefessional Primer, Nails Inc Polish and Aromatherapy Skincare!

By the way, I don’t ever buy magazines other than for the freebies (or when they’re have free subscriptions, because why not?), does anyone still ever read them nowadays?

Okay, on with it!


Elle June 2014 with free Benefit Porefessional Primer

Elle June 2014 with free Benefit Porefessional Primer

Usual Mag Price: £4.00


Benefit Porefessional Primer, 7.5ml, worth an estimated £8.

Is it worth it:

Okay, money-wise I guess it is, although Elle is the most expensive of the magazines and it really is a teensy little mini-sample in my eyes! Honestly, went I saw it my face went => -_- But then again, Benefit is never cheap and the full 22ml size (that isn’t even that much all in all) already sets you back roughly £24.00!


There seems to be great hype online about this primer, it’s pretty infamous as being the primer-mother-of-all-primers, especially for those who want a matte-finish skin.

I’ve not used it myself but my feeling is that this primer was pretty ground-breaking but these days there’s others out there that are coming out for cheaper.

Would I get it?

No. Haha. This is funny because I’ve been dying to try the Porefessional for ages (I have oily/combination skin and what I feel are large pores) partly because I’m tempted to include into my work makeup bag (to use on the performers) but I’ve always been put off by the price, so you’d think a sample offer would have me jumping.

It did but when I see the teensy size I had to seriously reconsider. I’ve L’Oreal Instant Blur primer and it’s also a teensy tube, I realised that while with skincare even with a teensy tube you can make it last a long time the same can’t be said for primers because they tend not to have as much ‘slip’ (which makes sense, considering the product aims). So, sorry, no! I’ll pass on this.

Actually, I spotted MakeUpSavvy’s Toly Moly review and have been eyeing their Egg Pore Balm (which is £5.81 for 20g of product!).


Picture from InStyle website, pick up the June 2014 issue with Nicole Kidman on the cover to get one of the 3 Nails Inc polishes!

Usual Mag Price: £3.90 (or £2.50 in Tesco)


Free Nails Inc Polish 10ml, usually worth £11. Available colours are Copacabana Coral (bright orangey-red), Sao Paulo Streets (a lovely cream/pink nude) and Sugarloaf Sunset (hot pink).

Is it worth it:

Yes, very very much so! Especially if you pick one up in Tesco. Plus, word on the street is that there’s a 3 for 2 offer for magazines on at Tesco, so you could potentially get all 3 polishes for just £5.


I’ve heard a lot about Nails Inc polishes. I’ve never tried them myself because I’m not usually a nails girl but everything I’ve heard so far has been literally fantastic.

For more info, I’d direct you to Beauty and Le Chic’s great review of this freebie over here, she’s snapped up all 3 colours and swatched them all on her nails as well, great review!!! As you can see, the colours are beautiful and the polishes come very nicely packaged as well.

Would I get it?

Probably, yes!

Two reasons; (1) I don’t normally paint my nails at all because I bite them (I know, terribly habit, no idea where I picked it up but I can’t remember ever not biting my nails!). Recently I decided I’d try to kick the habit again but I really can’t leave my nails alone, I keep touching them or picking at them and if there’s even one chip I feel the need to whittle it down again (eep, I sound a bit manic). So I’ve been painting them because that means I can’t seem any flaws/imperfections and it also means I can’t bite them, hurrah! I don’t go for bright, stand-out colours because I’m just don’t like that on my nails, but creamy, soft nudes are right up my street so I’m eyeing the Sao Paulo Streets one =)

(2) Even if I don’t ever use the polish, it’s a great gift!!! If any of you have a friend who’s got a birthday coming up or who just likes a polish, why not pick one of these up for them? I heard orange reds are bang on trend for summer 😉



Usual Mag Price: £2.50


Aromatherapy Associates Hydrating Rose Travel Set: Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser (10ml), Hydrating Rose Mask (15ml) and Hydrating Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser (5ml).

Is it worth it:

Yes, definitely. Marie Claire is the cheapest mag out there and yet this is the most valuable freebie!


Aromatherapy Associates get a lot of good press for their skincare, they do tend to deliver good quality and I guess if the main concern is hydrating (as it is with this freebie set) it’s very hard to go wrong!

Reviews seem to saw that the mask is particularly effective and that the cleanser is quite thin in consistency but that means a little goes a long way. The moisturiser seems to be a little ‘meh’ but then again, it is just a moisturiser. Poor moisturisers, they only moisturise so no one really praises them for doing their job (since it’s nothing ground-breaking in terms of skincare), they just get critiqued if they don’t do it!

I hear that the rose scent can be a little strong, what would you expect from a rose themed range though? So maybe it’s one for scent-averse or sensitive skinned folk to avoid.

Would I get it?

I’m on the fence with this one!

On the one hand, I love-love travel sized freebies. I have a lot of them, as free gifts, gifts from relatives or just from samples I order (hehe…) so I know I don’t need any more but I always think they’ll come in handy. In fact, they do come in very handy when I travel so my love for them has a rational reason behind it (there’s me trying to argue for my obsession!).

I know I’ve enough skincare samples for the next few travels though and I also know I should really use my current samples up. My skin’s currently dry but I also have samples to combat that so I don’t necessarily need to get this… it’s just tempting 😉 If you’re about to travel soon or are looking for some hydration, I’d definitely recommend this!



What do you think of this month’s freebies?

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6 thoughts on “May Magazine Freebies + Reviews

  1. I actually went hunting through the magazines tonight in Asda for freebies and saw those three you mentioned!
    I saw how tiny the Pore Fessional was and passed. I passed on all as am not a consistent nail varnish wearer (am too lazy) and I didn’t want to try more skincare at this time.
    I loved the Eyeko freebee and my daughter nabbed one too. I would love another Eyeko freebie such as an eyeliner or mascara. Hope that comes along.
    If you get the Tony Moley primer then hope you can give a quick mention if it’s any good or not?

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