Free Herbal Essences Moroccan Shampoo – ACT QUICK!

Hi All!

Really quick post because time is of the essence for this one, hehe. Do you want to get your hands on some completely free bottles of the new Herbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Shampoo and Conditioner? Well, I do!

free herbal essences moroccan shampoo

It’s very simple, SuperSavvyMe are giving these away completely free and all you need to do is login to your SuperSavvyMe account (register for one if you haven’t already, they’re always doing freebies and I’ve mentioned them a ton of times already!) and click ‘Enter’ to enter the competition, no forms or anything even. But it seems like only the first 100 people get full sized samples of the shampoo and condition, hence why you need to be quick-quick!

Okay, just click here to enter. The link will direct you to the competition page but as mentioned you’ll need to sign in first.

Closing date is 30th of May. Honestly, I think they can get 100 people in just a couple days so this confuses me! I’m unsure if the others who enter will just get sample sachets? Which I’d be happy with as well but why not try for full sizes if you can, eh? 😉

The Moroccan My Shine is a new formula of Herbal Essences Shampoo/Conditioner (I love them by the way, so much variety and so affordable, especially when it’s on 2 for 1!) that includes Argan oil, the new beauty-favourite for hair care. It’s meant to help revive natural shine and give your hair some TLC to make sure hte summer months and days by the beach/in the sea don’t leave it all dried out and unhappy! I’m probably tempted to get this next time my shampoo/conditioner runs out…

If you’re lucky enough to get a free sample, shout out to me how you liked it!



What’s your top summer haircare woe?

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