Some Sunday Sales!

Hi Everyone!

What’s better than a lazy Sunday afternoon off than a some bargainous Sunday sales too, huh? 😉 Well, I haven’t been able to rest so much this weekend actually, I had a really hectic event to put on yesterday evening, church today (a friend of mine who’s been in church with me for the last 4 years or so is leaving for Canada this week! We had a farewell dinner for him today, so immensely sorry to see him go but will stay positive that God’s opening the door for him in another country for a very good reason…) and on top of it all I’m dealing with a terrible chesty and tickly cough >_< Thank God for retail therapy, huh? Haha, not sure that’s very biblical but anyway, today I have for you some amazing 30% off codes/sale offers at ASOS, H&M and Dorothy Perkins! Shop now Starting with Dorothy Perkins, the image speaks for itself really. They’re having an amazing Fashion Event where it’s up to 30% off of everything! Be warned, it says ‘up to’ so not everything is 30% off, have a browse though just in case. It’s so convenient that it’s available online as well, nothing easier than shopping from bed 😉 It ends today so hop on it people! Next up, we have 30% off at H&M! But it isn’t a sale or anything, basically if you use the code 1605 you can get 30% off a single item, so if you’ve been eyeing something like a coat or a dress (basically, an expensive item) now’s the time to snap it up. I love codes like this, I used a 30% off code just like this on my Autumn coat/cape last year and am still happily using it now, I absolutely love it. Foresee many years of wear out of this! This code expires today (Sunday the 27th) so better start shopping online at their website now.

Finally there’s ASOS that has a special discount sale on their Tops and Accessories, this is on their website so just pop on over and have a browse to see if there’s anything you like! My advice on fashion shopping at the moment is… if you desperately need a Spring/Summer wardrobe refresh, buy a few key items. Otherwise, wait for the big summer sale that we all know is going to start hitting us in a couple months or so and stock up then for next year 😉 Actually, sometimes I see pieces from a few seasons back still on sale/offer, so you might even be able to stock up for this Winter during the summer sale… Just to clarify, all of today’s deals are available online at the store’s website, with Dorothy Perkins it’s available instore as well.



Did you get anything from the sales?

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