Beauty Freebie – Free Clinique Products!

TGIF Everyone!

Again, massive apologies for missing a day, I might have to seriously consider reducing posting to once every other day or something because work has been absolutely crazy! One project that I directed is finally over but there’s a lot else taking up my attention now, I’ve literally just finished my meetings for today and am writing this now (meant to be Thursday’s post but absolutely now will be up for just Friday!). I love the blog though, I’m always looking out for deals on my commute between meetings, just wish I had more hours in a day to blog everything!! The top deal of today has to be 10 days’ worth of free Clinique products =D

Okay, so I’m sure you’ve heard me rave enough about the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System (especially the amazing dramatically different moisturizing lotion +), I’ve also used it a good bit and I can attest that I love the 3-step. I don’t always use the clarifying lotion though and these days I’ve switched to cheaper cleansers but the moisturizer is one I’ve kept in my arsenal, even if just as an extra treat for my eyes.

In any case, Clinique is doing an amazing deal that starts TODAY (ie Friday the 25th!) where you and a friend (I suppose you can go alone too though) can get a 10-day trial kit of the 3-step system for free, absolutely no purchase necessary, you just need to pop by a Clinique counter, hurrah!

I’m already thinking of hoarding my trial-kit to use as travel minis (don’t we all think that way??).

I’m guessing you’ll  need to go through a short consultation, if only to use which of the variants of the 3-step is best for you (it’s for various skintones) but that shouldn’t take too long.

Also, it seems like the deal is on till 30th April, so you’ve some time, but it’s only till stocks last so if you happen to pass by a Clinique counter, zip to it!

Enjoy your freebie =)



Have you tried the 3-step?

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