Beauty Freebie – Free Rimmel Mascara!

Hello My Lovelies!

I haven’t posted in 2 days in a row, I don’t think this has ever happened before, apologies =( I took Monday off as I thought it was a Bank Holiday and I kept posts up over Easter Weekend anyway and then yesterday I just had the most hectic and busy day (starting with a horrendous meeting at 8.30am) plus I’m very ill. Which is so unfortunate because I’m just as busy today! Eep >_< But let’s look on the bright side of life, I had a fantabulous Easter weekend away with my church and am raring to plough on now I’m back (if only my body would listen and stop being ill) and most importantly, free mascara! Free mascara from Rimmel! Lol.

The deal comes courtesy of the Fabulous Beauty Awards 2014 hosted by The Sun. It sure seems like every paper/magazine has their own awards, don’t they? I liked the ones where you get to nominate brands of your own or choose ‘no opinion’ if you don’t agree with any of the nominations in the categories or if you don’t really use a particular product (eg. I never use self-tan), unfortunately Fabulous Beauty Awards don’t allow that but they are having an amazing deal on – vote and you stand a chance to win a free Rimmel London Scandeleyes Rockin’ Curves Masacara!

The Rockin Curves mascara by Rimmel has a uniquely shaped brush (don’t they all these days??), apparently shaped like a broken heart so the twists and curves hug the lash line and the thin tip is to coat the hard-to-reach inner lashes while the large base is meant to amp up the volume and really boost the base lashes. All in one clean stroke apparently! I think the mascara formula would be the same as the Scandeleyes ones.

Online reviews seem to say the mascara does fulfil it’s promise of volumising and lengthening, apparently it also manages to curl lashes so you eliminate the step of a curler, that’s really handy.

It retails for £6.99 so the chance to get it free is pretty neat 😉 and to be honest, there’s quite a bit of questions to answer but I found it really fun, haha!

If you’re up for it, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time, head to the Fabulous Beauty Awards page here and have fun voting! You have to vote by May 25th and it seems like only the first 3000 full completed surveys will receive a free mascara, so quick fill in that questionnaire now if you’re interested!



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