Amazing Freebies – Free Scarf + Nail Wrap

Happy Good Friday!

So, as you read this I’ll be enroute to a whole weekend long church camp from today until Monday. It’s our church’s annual affair and while it’s fun, amazing and great to be able to just leave the city and hang out with out with everyone for a few days, it’s also excruciatingly tiring >_< I’m still looking forward to it though. For those of you not lucky enough to be going away this Easter weekend, here’s some wonderful freebies to make your bank holiday Friday amazing – free Mylene Klass nail wraps and free ladies’ scarves!

FREE Myleene Klass Nail Wraps

These deals are again from SDN, or Social Discount Network, great freebies have been featuring on that page recently, I love it! Absolutely paradise for free beauty and free fashion deals.

Anyway, first the Mylene Klasss nail wraps, you can get them for absolutely free and there’s even 9 designs to choose from that you can see above. Personally, I love the tartan ones! Not sure how wearable they are but for safe elegance nail wrap 3 in deep burgundy would completely fit the bill. Get the wraps on this page.

Ladies Summer Linen Scarfs - 17 Styles

As for the free ladies’ scarves, this deal is a bit hard to judge because although there’s 15 styles to choose from (great variety!) you can’t really see the designs very well, you kinda just know the colours of what you’re getting, also postage costs about £1.95 a scarf although it gets cheaper per scarf the more you buy. I’d say might as well get them for friends or maybe buy a couple! Even if you don’t like them, you could always string a few together to make something interesting…

What I like about the scarf deal though, is that they’re summer scarves so perfectly on-trend for the coming season! Who doesn’t love a timely wardrobe update?? Check the deal out here.

Enjoy the freebies!



Which freebie is your favourite?

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