Fashion Bargain – Up to 50% Dorothy Perkins

Happy DAy Before Good Friday!

Yes, tomorrow is the day that Jesus died on the cross, and whatever your beliefs as to whether he was a man or the son of God, we can’t disprove that a lot of archaeological and historical evidence does point to the fact that the man called Jesus of Nazareth did exist and he was executed on the cross around this time of year about 2000 years ago… so I wonder why it’s ‘Good’ Friday?! Surely it should be ‘Sad’ Friday or at the very least ‘Unpleasant Experience’ Friday? Luckily *cue cheesey music* I’ve just the deal to make your Friday good, which is an amazing discount alert for Dorothy Perkins!

Reveal your code

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post so this deal from Dorothy Perkins comes at the perfect time. As you can see, they’re giving out discount codes that can be applicable to your entire order and that could range from anywhere between 10% to a whopping 50%! Let’s just see how ‘good’ your Friday can become this year 😉

A few things to note, the discount code can’t be applied to Sale items (bummer!) or products from the Little Mistress or Paper Dolls lines. I still think it’s great that basically you’ll definitely get 10% off and if you’re lucky a whole lot more too. It’s perfect timing really because the weather’s starting to perk up and I believe everyone’s looking forward to a little Spring fashion 😉

There’s no harm just trying your luck, if you end up with a 50% code then do some serious shopping 😉 Otherwise, maybe look and see if there’s anything you absolutely want, hehe. Codes expire midnight 17th of April so it’s only today, be quick.

Click here to find out what your Fashion Fate is now!

Have fun and good luck!



Have you revamped your wardrobe for Spring?

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