Perfume Freebie – Escada Born In Paradise is back!

Hello my lovelies!

Some of you might remember my post about the free Escada Born in Paradise fragrance back in February, well good news for those who missed it or for those who ordered a free sample then and loved it… because this freebie is back! So you can get yourself more free samples of the Escada perfume 😉

free escada born in paradise fragrance

For those new to the scent, the Escada Born in Paradise is basically a summer, beach cocktail in a perfume! I received my sample last time and I can totally attest to the fact that it was the most fruitily summer scent I’d ever tried, so really perfect for those of you wanting to literally yank yourself out of the winter doldrums. It’s Easter this weekend (hurrah, my pre-Easter fasting will end hehe and also hurrah for Easter and all it stands for in general!) and no one wants to feel like it’s still winter after Easter, right?! This will be the perfect little fragrance to help you jog along, even if UK weather doesn’t get with the program =P

So, key notes are green apple and watermelon (see what I meant about fruity?!) plus coconut milk, guava and pineapple. Fruit being what it is, I found some of the scents dominated over the others but it’s overall a rich, sweet and sharp (in a good way) cocktail of a fragrance. I’m happy to be getting another sample, hehe.

Click here to see more about the Escada Born in Paradise fragrance and to request your free sample. Enjoy your summery perfume!



Did you get the previous Escada sample?

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