Beauty Freebies – Free Calvin Klein Intense Eye Shadows and Venus Razors

Happy Sunday!

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s freebie, if you haven’t read yesterday’s post do check it out so you can find out how you can get your voucher for a free L’Occitane hand cream today! But on to today’s freebie, which is pretty amazing, who doesn’t love free make-up and also free skincare/beauty products? Thanks to SDN (Social Discount Network, who I believe I’ve mentioned before when they did that great deal on free pearl earrings) for the freebie deal on free Calvin Klein eyeshadow and Venus razors.

Calvin Klein Intense Eye Shadows

The picture above shows which colours they have available, which is an impressive range! The Calvin Klein Intense Eyeshadow monos have lovely pigment and are 2.6g each, the individual packaging makes for good portable makeup (for travelling or perhaps if you’re likely to touch up on the go) though I would always recommend a palette for home use (and for palettes starting from £4 these days, why not?!). If you go for a mono, go for one that you’d absolutely use loads, like a bright highlighting colour, a base creamy colour or even a brown-toned contouring colour. I guess since they’re free on SDN it doesn’t really matter though!

You can find this deal here, as with the previous deals, I’m supposing you’ll need to pay for delivery though which is about £2.50? So have a shop around and get more than one item! Hey, why not get more eyeshadows then. The deal is on for only a few more hours so be quick but if you’ve fallen in love with these (especially because I see that some of the shades on SDN are running out quick!) and missed it, you can also find them at Fragrance Direct for £2.25 per mono (excluding delivery) here. It’s still a good deal at £14.99 RRP.

The next thing that’s currently free on SDN is Venus razors, though I realise it says it’s a pack of ‘Venus compatible’ razors by which I assume they’re not actually Venus brand… but not to worry, I’m sure sure are just as good, and even if they aren’t they’re really worth checking out at £0.00 each (lol). You can find it here, once again have to pay for delivery but perhaps you can just pay once for all the items you want to get. This deal is on for 3 days so you’ve got a bit more time to decide on it.

If you can just pay for delivery and get everything with one delivery fee, then you should shop around the site! I’ve spotted these great deals for cheap iPhone cases (£1.99 instead of £14.99) and also a £7.99 iPad bluetooth keyboard. Also lots of fashion deals to be found but I’ll leave you to shop around 😉

Have fun!



Have you shopped on SDN before?

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