Beauty Freebie – L’Occitane Divine Cream Free Sample

Hi Everyone!

Did people get up early this morning to get the 9am Peacock dress £1.99 deal? I’m writing this Wednesday night and am still undecided on colour, haha. Oh well. Anyway, today’s freebie is a beauty related one, not fashion. It’s a great one though as it’s from one of my favourite skincare brands, L’Occitane! They’re offering a great, free 7-day trial of the Divine Cream! q

FREE 7-Day Trial of Divine Cream

Skincare buffs out there have probably heard of L’Occitane’s amazing Divine Cream, which won best Anti-Aging Cream in 2013 (Harper’s Bazaar) and Best Miracle Cream in 2014 (The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible). It’s meant to be nourishing, wrinkle-fighting, tone-enhancing and helps to reduce dark spots etc. so all in all, it really is an all-in-one wonder product I guess. I’ve also heard the texture is amazing. I’ve not used it myself but I have used their eye-creams and loved it, I think it really did the job and lived up to its claims! So it’s amazing that L’Occitane is giving away 7 days’ worth of free samples of their Divine Cream.

It’s not the cheapest product, with a jar of 50ml costing about £72.00 (eep, not one for the young and often broke pocket…) so I’m guessing for many of us we’ll have to stop with the 7-day trial (no buying after this trying I guess…) but it’s a great opportunity to give it a go none-the-less. 7 days is a generous offer, although I’ve read that you sometimes need up to 3 months of a beauty product to see if its really effective on your skin, in 7 days you’ll at least be able to tell if it gives you an adverse reaction over long time use, whether you like the texture/smell/etc and whether it fits nicely into your daily routine (ie. does it gel well with your other products?Does it give a good base for your makeup?).

To get your deal, just fill in your details online here, very straight-forward, just name, email, city of residence and phone number. They’ll email you a code to redeem your week’s worth of samples in-store, so you’ll need to bring it to an outlet to get it for free.

You can also redeem it online but that’s only if you make a purchase online too. If you were planning to buy something from L’Occitane online, I guess now’s the time to redeem this code online because nothing beats getting a beauty freebie in the post 😉 I love that feeling! But otherwise, it’s far more worth it to just drop into a store if you happen to be in town.

No idea when this freebie runs out but most of these things are ’till stocks last’ and it’s likely to be popular so get on to it if you want one!



What are your favourite L’Occitane products?

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