Fashion Deal – £1.99 Bargain Summer Dress

Morning Everyone!

Here’s a great mid-week deal for you that’ll be sure to perk you ladies up… an amazing summer fashion deal, a lovely summer lace dress from Peacock for just £.199 this Thursday (currently retailing at £18)!

Yep, believe or not that dress in the picture will be on sale for just £1.99! That’s got to be the cheapest, fashion bargain I’ve heard of ever since the infamous minimum wage dress that went on sale some time last year. Great bargain and also a great way to start the Spring/Summer re-haul for your wardrobe, you want to be ready for all those fine-weather parties that’re bound to start cropping up, right? 😉

So, the dress is actually available in 2 colours, the other one is in lilac:


I really do like the dresses, flattering skater cut, the fact that it’s fully-lined is a plus point (cheap clothes tend to be un-lined and scratchy!), lace is bang-on trend and so are the pastel colours, flattering length… can’t really fault them, especially not for £1.99! Currently they’re selling £18 versions of the dress in white/hot pink on the site but it looks like the mint green and lilac versions are limited editions just for this deal, which is pretty sweet. I’m sure they’ll be so popular they’ll release them at full price after the sale though!

The deal is limited to 1 unit per size per customer, I’ve really no idea whether that means one in each colour and size (can’t imagine why I’d need it in 2 sizes though! Not expecting to gain/lose that much weight over Summer?!) or whether it means you have to choose just one colour but better do your deliberating now just in case because this deal is very limited in stock.

Basically, these dresses will go on sale at 9am, 10th April (this thursday) on the Peacock website. It’s an online only exclusive so you’ll have to check the website here to get your’s.

Apparently they’ve only 600 in stock that will be sold on a first-come first-served basis, I’m really seeing these sell out really quick so if you want to nab your’s better choose your colour beforehand and be up early on Thursday morning to get your deal!

No idea if delivery is inclusive (probably not), otherwise the delivery on the site costs £3.99 (maybe have a shop around and see if there’s anything else you like?) which bumps the dress price up to £5.98 I guess, still a bargain!



Green or Lilac for you?

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