Skincare Freebie – Free Riversol Skincare Sample

Hello People!

Today’s freebie is a great one, I stumbled across it by accident but am pretty excited about it because it’s a skincare one. How many of you got more excited about skincare and serums and such after you started blogging/reading beauty blogs? That’s definitely me! I think I couldn’t care less past cleansing and moisturising just a couple years ago and now I’m all about finding the cheapest/most effective creams/treatments/masks for a host of skincare problems. It’s kinda fun! Anyway, today’s freebie is a free sample of Riversol Skin Care!


I’ve not heard of Riversol before so I did some research before posting about this freebie. It seems they are a skincare brand started by a dermatologist (not that that’s anything particularly special, mind you, it’s good that skincare brands are doing more medically sound testing but almost every brand is backed by derms etc these days, probably would be best to look out for brands that aren’t!). It’s catered towards sensitive skin in particular and it’s based in Canada.

From what I read, it seems the main condition that the  brand aims to tackle (other than bringing skincare to sensitive skin) is Rosacea, which is a condition that affects most people, to some extent. There’s apparently different types of it, how enlightening!

To get your freebie, you first need to fill in this survey here. You need to fill in every single box it seems otherwise the survey won’t be registered as ‘done’ so for those fellow UK residents, fill in your County under the ‘State/Province’ segment.

It might take up to 6 weeks to receive your freebies, especially if you’re applying from outside the States/Canada (like me!) but fingers crossed =)



Have you heard of Riversol before?

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