Monday Munchies – Chocolate Eggs and Ice-Cream

Good Afternoon Lovely People!

It’s Monday and although I don’t have a typical work-week (for example, I was working this last weekend and this Monday is really one of the most relaxed days I’ve had in awhile!), I still get bit by the Monday blues bug. Maybe all the decades of Monday to Fridays have been so engrained in us that we can’t help feeling subconciously depressed on Monday but strangely elated on Friday?! In any case, I know chocolate (especially when presented in the shape of a big egg) and ice-cream can always cheer me up. What would cheer me up more than chocolate and ice-cream? Well… what about free Quality Street Chocolate and free Ben and Jerry’s Ice-Cream???

This freebie honestly excites me, teehee. I really love Quality Street, my favourites are the orange cream and strawberry cream. Having it all come packaged in a large milk chocolate egg and knowing it was for free really takes the cake (or the chocolate?). And don’t even get me started on free ice-cream. Anyway, so how do you get your free Quality Street Easter Egg (full of chocolate goodies inside)? As a very famous, meerkat would say: ‘Simples!’.

It’s a deal from Blinkbox, so first you have to register with them and actually get a blinkbox card which you can spend on any movie or tv show. It’s sound more like a Gift with Purchase than a freebie, right? But wait! The good thing about this deal is that you just need to get a card and deposit £1 in it, in return you’d get £5 credit to spend on any movie/show. When you purchase a show with your blinkbox card you get Tesco Clubcard points and you’ll be emailed a voucher for a free Quality Street Easter egg. So, you can think of it as sticking your money on a gift card for film/tv! Or maybe think of it as a Quality Street egg for £1 that comes with free movies, either way it does sound like a great deal to me (use that blinkbox card as a gift to someone else maybe?).

You’ll need to use the blinkbox card before the 8th of April (that’s tomorrow, act fast!!) and claim that egg with your voucher from a Tesco’s before the 13th of April. Find out more details on the blinkbox website here.

As for the ice-cream, that’s an even simpler deal!

Ben & Jerry’s are celebrating free cone day which apparently is every 8th of April and has been celebrated since 1979??? I didn’t know about this!

So they’re giving away a free scoop of ice-cream to every customer (obviously just 1 per person, but nothing stopping you from hopping around various stores if you love your ice-cream that much!).

The free ice-cream is available in all participating Scoop shops and at certain hours only. All the stores will be listing different hours but word on the street is that they’re mainly on from 6pm till 9pm. Don’t take my word for it though, use the Scoop store locator here that will show you your nearest Scoop shop and will also clearly label on each listing whether the store participates in Free Cone Day or not and if so from what time till when. From what I see, most stores seem to be running it from noon till 8pm! So, ice-cream for lunch and dinner…?

I like Funky Monkey and Phish Food 😉 Am looking forward to tomorrow already!



What are your favourite Ben £ Jerry’s and Quality Street Flavours?

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