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Hi Lovelies!

Yay, another Friday! I love relaxing on a Friday, although today is looking really packed for me and a show I’ve been working on opens this weekend so there’s this weekend gone too… oh well. I’m looking forward to Monday but only because I’m imagining myself dealing with a load of admin work in the morning, I’m actually looking forward to that, yes I’m such a work-nerd. Anyway! On the off-chance I do get time to relax I love to spend it in the bath or treating myself to a beauty treatment, I’ve definitely mentioned Sanctuary Spa a few times when they’ve been on offer and I love their bath products, so this deal, with its opportunity to get some free Sanctuary Spa products is one I am so happy to share!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of beauty panels before, every product needs its testers and a panel is usually made up of the everyday consumer, because that’s whose opinions matter the most! I’ve posted about the Simple Panel and the Montagne Jeunesse Panel before (did anyone get lucky with those?) and now it’s time to talk about the Sanctuary Spa Panel!

If the introductory paragraph wasn’t obvious enough, Sanctuary Spa specialises in bath and body products (the name says it all really). I feel they’re affordable and yet give you the feel of ‘luxury’, what you want from your treat-time product really.

You’ll need to apply for the panel by filling in a questionnaire here and if you’re successful you’ll receive an email telling you so. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for the free products to come to your very doorstep, it’ll make that bathtime treat feel extra treat-like.

It’s not clearly stated but I’d expect that you’d need to complete feedback surveys etc for the products you receive, since they’re interested in consumer feedback. So do be prepared to do that. It’s a small price to pay I feel but then again I like talking about beauty products anyway. 😉



Are you on any beauty testing panels?

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