Free 2 Weeks’ Sample of Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Hi Everyone!

I’m really excited about today’s freebie, I’ve already signed up for mine, and the reason why I’m excited is twofold really: (1) it’s Maybelline’s new Better Skin foundation!!! for free woohoo and (2) it’s a two week sample, that’s almost unheard of in the freebie world. Sachets are pretty common (perfume more common than foundation lol) but for a whole two weeks?! That’s a lot  of free product to be giving out.

SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Anyway, first off a little bit about the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation. As you can tell from the ‘Superstay’ label, it’s meant to stick on and last all day. Reviews aren’t totally sold on this but most people are staying it has good staying power (read one that complained about how much it stuck into the pores though, eep!), so it’s for those days when you’re out all day and then out all night I suppose.

The foundation has SPF 20 in it, which instantly makes me like it. I know that the SPF in your foundation isn’t enough (you need to have a whole tablespoon for your face apparently) but then again, I’ll not be putting enough spf moisturiser on either! So I figure, if I use moisturiser with SPF and also foundation with SPF… that should be enough? I’m not that good though, I usually just use one of the other, lol, but better than nothing, amright?! So anyway, back to the point, sold on the SPF in this foundation.

Other than that, it’s called ‘Better Skin’ because the foundation is meant to have beauty benefits in that it’s hydrating, has Actyl C in it and meant to help your skin improve in skin-tone, even-ness, glow and hydration as you wear it. Which is great because traditionally makeup is meant to be, well, ‘bad’ for your skin! Great to know that your foundation is doing it good. So… like a high-coverage BB cream? Since BB stands for Beauty Balm (ie. meant to have some sort of beauty perks to it). As expected from a foundation that’s meant to be giving you ‘better skin’, this foundation also is suitable for sensitive skin, so jo perfume and non-comedogenic.

Honestly, reviews aren’t totally saying it’s done the users any good and it’s really hard to tell anyway if a product has really made your skin better and harder still to isolate if it’s the foundation or maybe just your night cream. With so much emphasize on how this foundation is good for your skin though, I’d have a little faith and go so far as to say I’m pretty sure it can’t then be bad for your skin! And a harmless foundation is almost as priceless as beneficial I feel, especially one that’s superstay and will presumably stick to your face all day like a cat to a warm spot in the sun.

This is probably why they’re being so generous with the samples, you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell with a 1-time use sachet whether the foundation’s done any good for your skin! Still hazy with 2 weeks but way better than, say, 2 days. It’s still extremely generous though because even face cream samples sometimes only give out 5ml which is barely a few days’ tester! Maybelline must have lots of faith in their product.

Better yet, there’re 100,000 of these up for grabs, whow 100k multiplied by 14 days each… that’s a lot of product! Thanks Maybelline!

Reviews have been so split on this and there’s so many claims this foundation is making that I can’t see why you wouldn’t go for a free sample, it’s absolutely free and it’ll be posted direct to your door.

This promotion is open to UK residents, head over to the Maybelline site here and answer some skin diagnostics questions (presumably to determine which shade will suit you best I think!) and then fill in your details at the end of it. This will close either on 6th April or when stocks run out and I really do think they’ll go asap so please get in there quick!

If you’re successful, you’ll receive your sample within 21 days of entering. So by the end of April =)

Have fun and when you get it tell me what you think!



Have you tried any of Maybelline’s Better Skin or Superstay products before?

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