Makeup Revolution Giveaway – Courtesy of BBB!

Hello Lovelies!

Whew, blogging this at 1.30am, just finished with work for today and as the show I’m currently working on opens soon there’s definitely been a huge flurry of late nights! Plus, I’ve a ton of other work to do as well, ah it’s never good at crunch-time but all will be worth it come Opening Night! Anyway, today I’m here to tell you about the most amazing giveaway for new budget beauty brand Makeup Revolution!

Just from the pictures you can see that product is a dupe for the Naked palettes, eh? It does look good though and reviews are showing some very positive things, I’m absolutely so, so excited for this!! What I’ve read reminds me of MUA so far so similar price points and I just love that the range of stuff we have for budget beauty keeps expanding more and more every day. Each of those palettes are just £4, like an MUA palette, amazing!

So anyway, what you need to know about this great giveaway is that first and foremost, it’s hosted by the amazing BritishBeautyBlogger who a few days ago also posted an extremely comprehensive post reviewing the Makeup Revolution products. She’s swatched quite a few of the palettes as well and I’m eagerly waiting to see if we’ll get any more swatches or peeks at any more of their products. I dashed off to the website to have an online shop almost immediately after reading the BBB post and there’s so much variety my mind was instantly boggled… have a look for yourself here, I defy you to name a product you want but can’t find on there!

The reason why I’m even writing about the giveaway though is because it’s honestly – very very very awesome. They’re giving away the whole range of their products, which is 300 products, I can’t imagine you ever needing to buy makeup ever, ever again if you win that. Honestly, if you buy a single thing in the next quarter after having won that you’re just being greedy. And if you flog off half the stuff on eBay, you’re being pretty entrepreneurial but also makeup-heartless but I would just want to lay it all out and look at it again and again.

The net value of that is £500, so really kudos to Makeup Revolution for (a) not marking up their products insanely as we know loads of other brands do, even drugstore ones (brands like this really show that you can get quality without extortion, right?) and (b) hosting a giveaway that’s actually a sacrifice on their part. It’s not like ‘a free lipstick’ or ‘a 20% off discount code’ which I know loads of other brands do, I sort of feel respected as a consumer when a brand says ‘here’s £500 worth of stuff!’.

They’re also coming into Superdrug soon and I’m so excited to be able to browse their stuff in the flesh.

To find out how you can enter the giveaway and more info on it, let me direct you to the BBB’s giveaway post here, honestly an amazing giveaway, thanks Makeup Revolution and thanks Jane!

Good luck everyone, if you win take a photo of yourself and your winnings, that will be one epic, make-up filled selfie 😉



Have you heard of Makeup Revolution before?

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Giveaway – Courtesy of BBB!

  1. Wow this is amazing. I’ll be entering!! Am on my way to BBB’s blog. Can’t wait for them to come to Superdrug. Great post, thanks !!

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