Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Sample of CDG Blue Encens Perfume

Hello Everyone!

This will  be a quick one as it’s a pretty straight-forward perfume freebie deal 😉 It’s a free sample of the Blue Encen fragrance by Comme des Garcons, or CDG for short (but CDG always reminds me of Paris because of Charles de Gaul airport, confusing!).

Blue Encens - Comme des Garçons - Eau de Parfum (100 ml natural spray)

If you haven’t heard of CDG, I wouldn’t be surprised because they’re a relatively indie Japanese fashion label (yes, Japanese despite the French name! Which means ‘like boys’ by the way), they’re known for their unconventional and kooky clothes, the same goes for their perfumes/fragrances really.

You can see more of their whole perfume selection here, even their bottles look a little unconventional really!

Apparently the Blue Encens (blue incense?) is meant to be a bold scent that’s reminiscent of mystical incense (main ingredient seems to be something called Artemesia) with lots of spicy notes thanks to cardamom, black pepper and cinnamon. Not sure if it’s my cup of tea but I’m definitely interested to try it!

They do perfume for men and women but I’d say this sounds more of a men’s fragrance. The sample should be in a little sachet, after you request your sample they’ll send you an email through which you need to click a confirmation link to verify your mailing address. The website says it’ll be delivered in 31 days but after I clicked through for confirmation they said 15 days, so it just may be quicker than expected, hurrah!

Here is the link to request a sample of Blue Encens, enjoy 😉 I’m looking forward to trying this one out!



Have you tried anything from CDG before?

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