£2.50 Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Hello Lovelies!

Here’s a ‘freebie’ that would also make a great Mother’s Day gift (it’s this weekend, eep!). Basically, it’s a pair of free freshwater pearl earrings but you have to pay delivery on them which costs £2.50 so let’s just say the earrings cost that much, shall we? 😉

Freshwater Pearl Silver Stud Earrings

The freebie can be found on the site Social Discount Network, or SDN for short, and it’s a pretty sweet considering that they’re basically offering these for free, I’ve no idea why or how they can possibly make anything by this but it’s possibly a marketing thing, definitely am not complaining about a pair of free pearl earrings though!

Apparently they’re £29.99 at regular price, although I’d take that with a pinch of salt. You can choose between black or white and it’s a pity that last I checked black seemed out of stock because I just like the look of black earrings more (they seem look more… complex? know what I mean?).

They’re stud earrings and will come in ‘presentation packaging’ by which I take to mean a pretty box that you could easily gift. You’ll need to pay delivery on this which is about £2.50 but the earrings themselves will be free. So hurrah! If you’re a pearl earrings type of girl or know that your mum/a friend will love these, then why not? 😉 You may already have the perfect gift for mum lined up but at just a couple quid why not throw these in as a little extra treat?

You can find the deal here  and it lasts for another 2 days, so do get in there quickly if you want one!



Have you got your Mother’s Day Gift yet?

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