Giveaway Alert – Free Benefit Mascara & Style 2014 Beauty Awards

Hello lovelies!

Here’s a quick one but a great one for you today, basically a free full-sized Benefit They’re Real Mascara =D

If you’ve been beauty-blog-reading or if you’re just a lover of makeup in general I’m sure you’ve heard of the legendary They’re Real masacara by Benefit, to be honest I’ve never tried it myself but it seems to be the holy grail mascara for a number of beauty-lovers out there. But at £19.90 it’s a pretty high price point just to try it out (I mean, there’s some great mascaras for far cheaper!). Which is why I’m so chuffed that there’s finally a giveaway for these, I’ve been waiting for a free sample of They’re Real Mascara forever!

The Sunday Times in conjunction with are offering this and all you have to do is have your opinion on beauty be heard.

The Style 2014 Beauty Awards by Sunday Times is coming soon and you just need to vote here for your favourite products in various categories (there’s stuff like best skincare brand, best new fragrance, best classic fragrance, best nail polish etc, you can skip categories you feel you don’t know so well, you can also nominate your own choices if it isn’t up there). I found it pretty fun actually and now I’m anticipating the winners, haha.

The first 3,000 voters will receive the mascara, of course we’ve no way of knowing how many have voted yet so you’ve just got to get in there fast! In fact, forget about reading the rest of this article, just go do the survey/voting now, bookmark this page and come back later to read when/how you can find out who won (lol).

Results of the voting and of the giveaway will be announced in Style, free inside The Sunday Times, on May 18. I believe it’ll be sent directly to you anyway (ie you don’t need to ‘claim’ it) but it’ll be fun to check it on paper, hehe.

Happy voting, would be great to know your opinions on the nominations/votes!



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