Monday Munchies – Free Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burger

Good Morning Everyone!

Some great free food samples for you today =) Got to love foodie freebies, huh? Hopefully these two great offers will brighten up your week: a free GBK Burger and a free pot of MOMA porridge!


Some days you just get a craving for a huge, medium-cooked burger with a large side of chips (I do anyway), a couple of my favourite burger places are : Ed’s Diner, Byron’s Burgers and Gourmet Burger Kitchen (although I’m not above the occasional McDonald’s… that feels extra naughty for some reason?! My church is right opposite one and we barely have time between set-up and service to grab lunch so ironically trying to be spiritually healthy is making me physically not). Anyway, to get your free Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger it easy-peasy.

First, you’ll need the Paypal app which is free to download. Then you’ll need to check in-app for the voucher and you’ll need to pay for the burger using the Paypal app as well, the voucher’s good for £6.75 which is the price of a Classic Burger (I’m guessing you can get one with more frills but you’d have to top up the rest of the money). There’s apparently only a limited amount available so do check it out asap!

You can find the Paypal app website here, along with more details on the voucher =)

Offer will end on April 17th. Enjoy your free burger!



What’s your favourite burger place?

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