Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Britney Spears Fragrance

Happy Sunday!

A quick little bargain deal for you today, featuring a free perfume sample of Britney Spears’ new remixes of her old fragrance, Fantasy.

The real hook with this latest perfume-y offer is that it’s a perfume that exists in two versions, if that makes any sense… basically, there’s a ‘Naughty’ new version of Fantasy as well as a ‘Nice’ one, both bottles have the pretty little ‘N’ hanging from its neck (reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!) but the Naughty one is tinged purple while the Nice one is white, not very original there. So, which will you get in your free perfume sample do you ask?

Both of them! Yep, that’s right, they’re giving away 20000 ‘deluxe duo samples’ which will contain both scents, presumably so you can choose between them.

Both are going to be reminiscent of the original Fantasy but Nice, a romantic and flirty version, will have a sparkling fruity scent that blends kiwi with floral tones such as jasmine, sweet cupcake and creamy musk. While Naughty is described as sensual, dark and exotic version, highlights jasmine petals, white chocolate, orchids, sweet cupcake (again), sensual woody notes, orris root and creamy musk (again). So some common elements that they share with the original and some significant differences as well.

Kudos to her marketing team for thinking of a scent that reaches out to twice as large of an market base, I’ll bet a few people will be even tempted to buy both and wear them depending if they feel flirty or dangerous!

To get it you simply need to ‘like’ the Facebook page over here and fill in the form. It’s first come first served so do hurry on over if you’re interested! You’ll get your sample in the mail within 21 days of the closing date if you’re lucky enough to bag one 😉 Unfortunately, I can’t find the closing date info anywhere! Do tell me if you manage to spot it…



Has anyone tried Fantasy?

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