Beauty Alert – ‘Free’ Helen E Long Lasting Lipstick

Hello Lovelies!

Great freebie for you, a ‘free’ Helen E Long Lasting Lipstick with the word free in quotation marks because while the lippie itself is free, you’ve still got to pay for the postage and packaging which will cost £2.50.

Long Lasting Lip Colour

I’ve never used Helen E cosmetics myself but I’ve definitely heard of them! I’ve especially heard of their long-lasting eye primer which apparently sticks the eye-shadow immovably to your eyes! I’m hoping this long-lasting lipstick is as long-lasting as it claims to me as that’s a major thing for me and my lip products. I know people say it’s easy just to re-apply but, to be honest, I feel I hardly get a chance to pop to the loo in a typical workday (tmi, I know) so re-applying is way low on my list of priorities…

You can see the entire list of lipsticks here, there’s 19 in total and it’s a great range of darks, lights, nudes, including some very promising-looking reds (yes, am still looking for my perfect red!). I’m particularly looking at the Arizona shade, Sienna looks great as well and while Caribbean looks quite bright in the pictures online it seems to swatch quite dark.

I’d say the only thing stopping me from getting one is that I can’t find that many swatches online so I just don’t know which colours to get!

Anyway, to get the promotion you first need to ‘like’ their Facebook page here, or you can just enter the promotion code which is SPRINGLIP 😉

If anyone has a code for free postage on the Helen E, do share, maybe then we can get the entire lippie free lol. Alternatively, £20 is the spend for free postage and if you have anything else you wanna try from Helen E (the primer’s £8!) now’s the time to do so. Whether or not you hit the £20, might as well get it now if you’re interested in the lippie because you’ll be paying the £2.50 anyway.

Happy Shopping!



Which shade would you go for?

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