Monday Munchies – Free Coke Zero and Smoothie

Hello Everyone!

Another week already, time does fly! Time for another instalment of Monday Munchies, today I’ve a free coke zero voucher as well as a free Coconut and Pineapple Smoothie from Ella’s Kitchen.

free 500ml bottle of coke zero

Okay, first up the coke. I always get confused between diet and zero but diet is basically sugar free (which is not necessarily healthier!) and zero means it’s caffeine free as well. There’s subtle differences in taste I think, my bf can tell just by tasting it if it’s diet or zero or regular (his favourite is zero) while I prefer diet, no idea why, what do you like?

Anyway, the deal for a voucher for a free 500ml bottle of one of these can be found right here at Vouchercloud =) It’s expires on 21st April after Easter so plenty of time!

free smoothie fruit drink from ella's kitchen

Next up is a freebie from Ella’s Kitchen, which is actually a baby food brand (okay, I must confess to having tried some of their baby food smoothie packs and it’s seriously amazing, the most fruity and jam-packed sachets of smoothies I’ve ever tried!! Never tried the meals though… doubt I’d like those as much). This sounds honestly quite delicious, give it a try, why not it’s free!

They’re giving out 5000 of these via their Facebook page here and you’ve got till 21st March to enter for a chance to win one.




Have you tried Ella’s Kitchen before?

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