Last Minute Auction – A Treasure Trove of Bargain Beauty Deals!

Happy Sunday all!

As today’s Sunday I thought I would regale you with a lovely review, I’m finding I definitely don’t have time to do much over the weekdays these days except quick deal alerts on freebies I’ve spotted or nice discounts, so I thought I should try to squeeze in a review over the weekend where I can! I have to say this is very relevant to the series I did ages about how to bargain hunt on eBay (you can read that here) but even if you’re not a usual eBay hunter this is a pretty good site to check out so it does deserve its own review!

So, what is Lastminute Auction exactly? It’s basically a site that trawls through all the auctions currently up on eBay and then specifically lists all the ones that are still on for under £1 (or a dollar on the American website) and with only 1 hour left to go!

The idea is that, there’s tons of auctions with only an hour left to go on eBay but loads of them tend to be quite pricey because lots of people have bid on them. There’s also lots of items there are listed as under £1 (since listing at 99p or under is free for sellers) but if it ends say in a weeks’ time the price may be above your budget by then and also it may not be convenient for you to monitor it at the moment the auction ends (and someone else might get away with a winning bid!). But on eBay, you can either filter results by price or by time (ie when it ends) but not both. Uh-oh. That’s where Lastminute Auction comes on!

So, everything on there ends in an hour or less and is less than £1 at the point where it ends in an hour. There’s loads of categories on the site (hobbies, books, clothes, collectables, electronics, DVDs etc etc but of course I’m just interested in the Health/Beauty section 😉

I’ve found that the best way to use this site is when you’re sat at your computer either doing some casual work (ie. laidback administration, lol), or window shopping online, or chatting to someone online, or surfing aimlessly. If you don’t have an hour to spare, that’s fine, just concentrate on the auctions that end sooner. I basically just scan through everything on the Makeup page and also the Haircare page.

It’s best if you kinda know what you’re looking out for, ie a specific brand or product. You can use the search box for that. But it’s also fun to just browse your way through the auctions that are listed. I’d say beware of no-name brands though! I’ve got a couple of eyeshadow palettes for a couple quid but they weren’t worth even that because although they looked gorgeous in the palette it translated to practically nothing on my eyes!

Then again, I’ve also tried brands I would never have tried before but ended up loving, like the Playboy makeup. Funnily enough, there’s always a Playboy lipstick or eyeshadow palette listed on the site and while I had my reservations at first I went for it because it was so cheap and I have to say I loved the eyeshadow, pigmentation was amazing, and the lipstick was pretty good as well actually, pigmented and lasted a decent amount of time (had the most adorable and iconic bunny casing, I mainly got it as a film prop).

Things I’ve bought at a bargain are a Rimmel Apocalips at just £1.75 (postage was another £1) and most recently a Vidal Sassoon Ceramic Tousled Waver that was used once for just £1.04 (postage was £6 but that’s fine, I was happy to pay £7.04 for it!!). There’s always a great deal on a curler or a straightener or something in the Hair section!!!

Anyway, enough of my yammering, get over there yourself and see if you find a bargain or not 😉 The website’s right here, do be sure you’re on the UK page and not the American one (if it’s in £ it’s the UK page!).

And if you bag a good deal, let me know! Nothing more fun than comparing hauls, hehe 😉

Happy Shopping!


Spotted any deals?

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