Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana Perfume Sample

Happy Weekend!!

I’m super excited about it finally being the weekend although I’ve already a ton on my to-do list for Saturday and Sunday is always almost totally taken up by church, which can be lovely but is also very tiring. Our church is so tiny it’s like a little community and everyone really needs to pitch in so service and bible study can keep running, all in it’s almost like a 2nd job. But I’m digressing from the deal for today which is a great freebie perfume sample of the new Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana fragrance!

How gorgeous is that promo image and also that bottle??? Very simple and understated I’d say. Apparently it’s inspired by elegance and youthful vitality and I think I can see the elegance in the monochromatic and simple design, as for the youthful vitality hmmm… I guess the bow and daisies are rather youthful? Not very ‘vital’ though!

In any case, the scent (which is the important thing surely) is ‘a unique and feminine combination of the blooming White Amaryllis, gently blended with the sweet freshness of Neroli leaves to capture the noble, sensual soul of Sicily’. Lovely to have it inspired by Sicily, taking D&G to its Italian roots. I’m not overly familiar with them or their fragrances but I guess that’s what free samples are for!

These are brought to us by Boots, just like yesterday’s free Always Dailies sample, thank you Boots!

Apparently samples are available to claim in-store as well but if you want to do your’s online (why not, get it delivered for free!) just fill in this form and then wait up to 28 days for it to be delivered to you! Wonderful. It’s only available while stocks last and there’s no info on how many there are, there does tend to be loads of perfume freebies and I almost always get one I request for but to be safe fill in that form asap if you want this 😉



Are you familiar with D&G perfumes?

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