Deal Alert for the Ladies – Free Pack of Always Dailies

Hello Everyone!

Whow, TGIF! I’ve had back to back rehearsals all week and this is going to go on for another couple of weeks, I love it but it’s been pretty knackering so I’m looking forward to the weekend. Except I’ve also a pile of admin work to get to this weekend so… >_< oh dear! Anyway, detracting from the issue at hand… today I have for you a lovely deal which is a completely free pack of Always Dailies Pantyliners!

free pack of always dailies pantyliners

Lol, this is totally for ladies only (unless you’re a man who wants to get some for your sister or girlfriend or wife or something but what are the odds of that?!).

Anyway, this freebie is courtesy of Boots and the Always brand tagline is that it’ll help you feel fresh and confident all day. To be honest, this is really subjective to the person, isn’t it? But I love practical freebies like these, always a use for it.

There’re a total of 20,000 of these being given away! Just fill in your details in this form here and they’ll send you a voucher in the post that should arrive in 28 days or less. Then just take that voucher to your nearest Boots (that’s optional, you can also take it to your furthest one but, erm, why?!) and claim your free pack!

Hooray for practical freebies, hehe.



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