Monday Munchies – Free After Eights and Macdonald’s Coffee

Hello my lovelies!

Today’s Monday Munchies features two of my favourite things in the world (to eat), mint chocolates and coffee (or any other item from McCafe, including their muffins)! Haha. Honestly, who doesn’t like a free coffee or a free pack of chocolates, right?

So, first up is this amazing competition held by After Eight (these were my favourite chocolates for a long time, anyone else love these?). Basically, just ‘like’ their competition’s Facebook page here and you stand a chance to win a Nescafe Dolve Gusto daily, there’s also 8 runners-up prizes of a carton of After Eights daily too! So in totally that’s 121 main prizes of a Nescafe Dolve Gusto white coffee machine with Cappuccino cup set and 968 After runner up prizes of After Eight cartons. Good odds there!

In other news, there’s another great freebie on the MacDonald’s app, this is probably like the 2nd or 3rd Monday Munchie freebie that involves the MacDonald’s app so if you’ve been hesitating you should definitely download that haha.

This offer/voucher is for a 2 for 1 voucher for the MacDonald’s McCafe. When you have it downloaded, just open the app and tap on the front page for the voucher where it says to tap it, you’ll have to do it together with a friend (who also needs the MacDonald’s app open). You’ll receive only 1 voucher though but the idea is to redeem it with a friend anyway (do you need two coffees?!) so it’s a lovely idea for when you’re meeting with a friend over a coffee!

This voucher isn’t just limited to coffee though, you can get any of the McCafe items for two for one, including their other hot drinks, iced drinks and also muffins/cookies (yippee).

This is running till 6th of April but you’ll probably only have a week from when you claim your voucher in-app to redeem it so don’t claim it too soon!



What’s your favourite chocolate?

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