Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler

UPDATE: It seems like the giveaway might have ended but keep watching this space and I’ll update if/when it comes back!

Happy Weekend!

Whow, I can’t believe that I’ve been back only less than a week. I hit the ground running with work on Monday (flew in Sunday by the way) and it’s been full-speed ahead ever since so… definitely feels like I’ve been back for longer. Already wanting a holiday, haha, although I love my work. Anyway, I’ve got great news for your weekend this week and that’s a free sample of the Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler.

Who doesn’t love a skincare freebie, huh? Especially one from Vichy who’ve also done the Idealia Life Serum (meant to protect skin from, well, the stresses of life) and the Serum 10, an anti-aging serum. If you’re familiar with the brand, you’ve probably heard of the LiftActiv for eyes and lashes, possibly the only eye serum I’ve heard of that also fortifies lashes (I have teeny-tiny lashes, I would love that). Well the Advanced Filler is none of that, it does something entirely different so if you liked the results of the rest it’s worth giving this a try too; as the name suggests it combats wrinkles.

free vichy liftactiv advanced filler

Right, basically, this is a retinoid product (aka containing retinol, the holy grail ingredient for anti-ageing) and contains pure retinol and LR2412 in the highest concentration Vichy’s ever done it. But it’s not just any retinoid product!

It’s good for sensitive skin, but then again we have Redermic R for that and La Roche Posay is just as great a skincare brand as Vichy. So what makes LiftActive different? It’s also hydrating (boasting a complete moisturising effect so no need to layer a moisturiser on the top!) and with a light, easily-absorbed texture as it contains Vichy Thermal Spa Water, a great addition I think because Vichy is building on what they know their customer base already likes and using incorporating one of their key products! If you like the feel of the Vichy Thermal Spa Water or any of their light hydrating products (I found the Idealia Serum light and lovely actually) you’ll probably like this. Oh, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin too.

You can try it for yourself though, that’s the beauty of samples! With skincare you can’t tell if it’s effective from a sample but at least you’ll know if you hate the texture and then you can avoid it.

Just fill out the form here to request your sample, there’s 30,000 up for grabs and it’ll be a 5ml sample. Open until 17.03.2014 or when stocks run out.




Do you have a retinoid product you use and love?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler

    • Oh noooo! D= I just checked the link again and you’re right, it seems to have disappeared! Keep checking back and I’ll keep this post updated. Bummer if they’ve all run out already!! Thanks for letting me know! Xx

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