Bargain Alert – Boots 3 for 2 (and how to shop it)

Morning Everyone!

Hands up, I love it when Boots has a 3 for 2 and I straight up cannot resist it. In fact, I find it hard to resist any good sale or offer (practically kicked myself for missing Kiko’s amazing offer over Valentine’s weekend!), because the rest of the time I feel I’m very, very good. I have a massive wishlist and I never get anything on it until it does on offer. Don’t buy anything full price girls! And now Boots has a 3 for 2 on so I thought I’d share with you what I’m eyeing to get.

3 for 2 mix & match It’s not just skincare by the way! It’s 3 for 2 on makeup as well! Definitely a great offer but a bit too much choice, eep.3 for 2 mix & match And haircare oh my goodness me… I think the main trouble with these offers is to resist being tempted into buying something you wouldn’t have bought anyway. I’m obviously a penny-pincher (the blog title says it all!) and yet even I have the odd bit of makeup in my bathroom that I’ve never, ever used. Oh the shame… it’s just a waste, isn’t it?

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of a wishlist, as it is I think I’ve pretty much got everything on my 2014 list (whoops and it’s only March) but I do know what else I want to put on there. Even if it’s not a specific product, you can put down something you’re looking for (ie. ‘the perfect thin liquid eyeliner!’) and then go do your research to find out which product best fits the bill for the product you’re dying to own. No point buying every black eyeliner on the market, you’d end up with a life-time’s supply of duds that’ll dry out in a year or so anyway.

Currently, the only thing on my list that I haven’t yet got that I think I can get from Boots is a good concealer, I’ve heard raves about the Maybelline Fit Me and the Eye Eraser, but also people who say that high-end is the way to go (I’ve had recommendations for Giorgio Armani and MAC), what do you think? What do you use? Would love to hear your feedback here! 🙂

If you’re pretty set on make-up (lol, who is though?) but haven’t got good brushes yet, I can’t recommend enough getting the Real Techniques brushes while the 3 for 2 is on! The sets cost about £20 each, I personally use the Core set far more than the eye one (hardly touched it, sadly) but I love the buffing brush and contour brush from the core. If you just want individual brushes, I hear the Blush brush, Expert Face brush and Powder brush are all amazing. I don’t have any of them but am quite likely to pick up the Expert Face brush and Powder brush this time! Partly for work (I always tell myself that…).

Next, for haircare, I would say don’t bother on getting shampoo/conditioner now unless you’re running low because those always go on 2 for 1 offers! Instead get hair serums, masks, treatments etc if you’ve been eyeing one. I’ve been wanting to get some hairdye, I’ve naturally really dark hair and have always dyed it some form of red or purple (which always comes out dark brown with a tinge of red in the light, I’ve given up on believing the colours the box says will come out, LIES!). This time I’m thinking of going lighter brown and then doing a dark purple, hmm, decisions…

If I get 2 brushes, 2 hairdyes and a concealer, I still have a spare slot for 1 more item. Thinking maybe a foundation? I’m getting along well with the Eau de Teint but it’s a very light to medium coverage and I want something much more long lasting, which the Clinique CC Cream is but I don’t really want to be using that everyday! Any suggestions?

Love talking shopping with you guys 😉 Let me know what you think and what you’re thinking of getting. Hooray for Boots 3 for 2!



ps: little reminder to watch my latest film if you haven’t yet done so! It’ll only take 5 minutes =)

What’s your Boots haul plan? =)

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3 thoughts on “Bargain Alert – Boots 3 for 2 (and how to shop it)

  1. I’ve tried every concealer under the sun and I’d recommend Armani High Precision Retouch concealer. It’s seriously the best. It’s a thin liquid-y one but is so pigmented it works better than any of the thicker ones. I hate cakey looking concealer and this one is impossible to cake. It’s not so expensive really when you see the Maybelline ones for £8. If you want an invisible concealer then the Armani one is well worth the money. And, Debenhams and John Lewis now have 10% off.
    And a liquid eyeliner (not the felt tip type) I’d love to share my thoughts on is the NYC in Black (not the sparkly black, the matte black).
    It stays put all day and is the darkest black matte. Only £2.49 in Superdrug.
    I’ve been to Boots already to get the 3 for 2. I got 2 x Hair Colour Stripper and an Indeed Labs Eysilix eye cream. (I need a good eye cream as I’m not a youngster.)
    The 3 for 2 is amazing as it covers so many products.
    The Hair Stripper lightens my black hair to light brown/blonde without bleach/damage and then I put on a deep plumy/purple colour. That stuff is a miracle. Expensive though but I wouldn’t use bleach again as it wrecks the hair.
    I’d say go on and get the Clinique CC cream to wear every day as life is too short to not treat yourself now and again. You will feel beautiful and confident wearing products you love so why not feel like that every day. And, it’s only double the price of the cheaper foundations.
    Another thing I’d recommend is the Missha B Perfect Cover CC cream. They do 3 shades and give good coverage with no cakiness whatsoever.
    Sorry for the long post.

    • Hi Mary! Whow thanks for this comment, it’s probably my all-time favourite comment on this blog, I really love that you took the time to write and share what you think! Feels like we’re having a proper girly conversation 😉

      I took your advice and got the hair stripper instead of a concealer or foundation (will try out the Armani one!), I was a little clumsy applying it but it worked amazingly and my hair has never been so purple before! Hurrah!!!

      • Great you like the Colour Stripper and that it worked well for you !
        Glad to be able to share thoughts on the good stuff we come across 🙂

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