Dolce&Gabbana Bicester Village Spring Shopping Event – TODAY Only

Hello Lovelies!

Whow, what a lot of shopping deals have cropped up this week, now we’ve an amazing Dolce and Gabbana Spring Shopping Event at Bicester Village.

This is just a quick update really, I know Bicester Village is a bit of  a trek but at least the event’s late in the day so if you had the day free and love D&G this is worth a think! I think the real hook for me is the complimentary Prosecco and Italian Sweet Canapes while you shop in store 😉 Couldn’t think of a better way to shop!

So, most details are on the image but in case you can’t see it, this is for today from 3pm till 7pm and you get a 20% discount for purchasing 2 items, 30% for 3 items and 40% for 4 items (it stops there unfortunately).

Don’t be too glum if you miss this because it seems to be a thing that the D&G outlet likes to be shopping events and they tend to be on Thursdays and held with little notice (probably a marketing strategy somewhere in there…) so just keep your eyes peeled in future!

In other news, I’m going to do a full post on the importance of this film to me tomorrow but in the meantime I would really appreciate it if you could have a watch of another film I’ve worked on, Come Back, and if you like it to please vote on Facebook and Twitter (you can do both!). Click here to view/vote.

Also, sorry to bombard you with voting things today, remember the pitch for The Cure I posted about in October? Well, it got to the top ten before which makes us ecstatic but we decided to pitch it again for another project, if you’ve the time please look at my team’s video here =)

Who’s coincidentally planned a trip to Bicester Village today?!

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