Quick Lil Deal Alert – Free Kelocote Advanced Scar Treatment Gel

Happy March!!!

Tomorrow I’ll be on a flight enroute back to London, it’ll feel great to be back after being away for a whole month =) I will miss Singapore after having been here so long but it’s been a good productive month and it’s time to head back really. Today’s deal is a great freebie from Sinclair Pharmaceuticals who are giving away free samples of the Kelo-Cote advanced scar treatment gel.

Some of you may remember the free scar treatment sample from them back in October (see post here), this one is slightly different because it’s their new advanced treatment formula! Chances are if you liked the old formula, you’ll like this one more. Of course if the old one did nothing for you, then this is also worth a try. I always see free samples as win-win situations haha.

free kelo cote advanced scar treatment gel

A scar in an obvious place (eg. the face or neck or shoulders) can really affect your confidence, I’d hate to have a scar near my neck because I love boat-neck and sweet-heart necklines! You never really think of how restricted you’d be until you think of what you might need to ‘hide’… of course I feel that if you wear it with confidence, even a scar can be a beauty mark 😉 but it’s a challenge that you can’t just expect everyone to be able to deal with and a good scar treatment gel might just be a godsend to someone.

The form to fill in to request one is here, it’s an extremely straight-forward form but they do ask that you send in anonymous before and after pictures in return for the samples. It’s more of a trust thing as I don’t think they can ‘force’ you to send those pics in but I do view it as a sign of how confident they must be in their product to ask for before and after pictures!

The sample you get is actually a full-sized 15g tube, as I’ve mentioned before in the previous post 15g may not seem a lot but you don’t need much at a time so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more than enough!

As usual, please allow up to 28 days for delivery and enjoy your free treatment, I really hope it works =)



Do you have a scar you’d like to fade?

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