Quick Lil Deal Alert – Especially Escada Rose Elixir fragrance

Hello Pretty People!

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a perfume freebie, don’t you just love free perfume samples? 😉 So simple to order and you’ll get it delivered straight to your door… it’s a basic sachet freebie but it’s nice to receive a little ‘present’ in the mail sometimes, right? Today’s freebie is the amazing Especially Escada Rose Elixir fragrance!

Some of you will remember that we’ve actually done an Escada perfume sample before earlier this month but that was the Escada Born in Paradise fragrance, so if you liked that you should definitely check this one out!

On a random note, how pretty are the promo pics??

If you’re familiar with Escada scents, you’ll remember the original rose fragrance Especially Escada from 2011 and the more delicate re-adaptation Especially Escada Delicate Notes from 2012. Apparently Elixir is as intense as the first 2011 version (so not for those who are faint-hearted or don’t love rose!). The full description is: This mysterious rose scent begins with pear, ambrette seed and grapefruit. The heart includes Turkish rose absolut, ylang-ylang, accords of prune and fresh plums, laid on the base of patchouli, white musk, dry amber, cashmere and Madagascar vanilla.

Since it’s a sample, go for it anyway and decide, because you can’t capture a smell in words just like how you can’t capture the concept of a God in words really (but we still try, like we try to express love in words, which is the same thing but I digress). Basically, get the sample!!

First ‘like’ the Especially Escada Elixir Facebook page here and then you should have the option to open the Order a Sample page where you basically… order your sample! Give it 28 working days, as usual 😉




Are you a rose scent sort of person?

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