Monday Munchies – Free Teamonger Tea, Clipper Tea and Aero Hot Chocolate

Hi Lovelies!

Sorry for the uber late post today >_< Have had an incredibly hectic and slightly terrible day, but I caught up with a lot of old friends near the end and that made it all better. Now on to the post full of foodie freebies! I’ve got free tea and free hot chocolate samples for you today =)

Today post is full of hot beverages, haha, I can’t really plan these freebie posts in advance but somehow they seem to work out with themes of their own, I’ve no idea how!

First up is Tea Monger who’re giving away free tea samples by post!!!

free tea monger samples

I love this freebie, all you have to do is fill in this form and then either choose the ‘Surprise Me!’ option or choose the 3 teabags you want. I’m definitely choosing mine! There’s flavours like Hot Chocolate (tea?!), Fruit PUNCH (yes, with the ‘punch’ all in caps!) and Marzipan Dream. I’ve got to try these just out of sheer curiosity and if I do like them I’d get a box (great idea really, because it’d be risky to buy a whole box of Marzipan Dream tea, it has the potential to be amazing or very, very terrible I think).

Next deal is by Aero Hot Chocolate who are giving fans of their Facebook page a chance to win some hot chocolate, you’ll need to like it and there’s a competition coming up next Tuesday so pop over there now!

And finally, there’s a little tea carousel game by Clipper Tea that gives you the chance to win a whole set of tea.

The competition page is right here and to be honest, I find it a fun little game, hehe. Hope you win something! Tell me if you do, so I can be happy for you! LOL.



What teas did you choose?!

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