Review – Biore Cleansing Cotton Wipes

Hello and Happy Weekend Everyone!

Remember the Biore Cleansing Cotton Sheets from my mini Asian Drug-Haul Post? Since then I’ve been using them everyday to remove my makeup before cleansing (I’m still using the Magnitone Pulsar!) and here are my thoughts on it 🙂

Asian Drugstore Mini-Haul Feb 2014

Here they are again in case you’ve forgotten what they look like!

I was actually tipped to get them from Asia-based blogger Qiuqiu’s post here, she really sold the sheets well so they were one of the must-try items on my wishlist since I’m in Asia this month!!!

The Biore sheets are meant to be packed with cleansing milk, ultra-cleansing and moisturising/good for the skin (hence why it’s called a ‘milk’ I guess?). The sheets do feel like they’re packed full of a lotion-type liquid and not a clear liquid, like, say, the Simple makeup remover sheets (which I love by the way). On a side note, I’ve bought loads of different types of Simple makeup wipes so expect a full review of all of them in the future!

Back to the Biore sheets: I find that sometimes when I use makeup-remover or make-up wipes my skin feels a bit tight and dry afterwards (anyone else get that?) so I tend to remove my makeup just before I cleanse my face properly so I can get my moisturiser on asap. With the Biore ones, it seems that besides being able to remove makeup really effectively (really, this should be a given though, right?) the plus point for me was that it was meant to be moisturising for the skin afterwards as well!

Biore Back

Here’s the back of the pack for your info!

So I put that to the test by removing my makeup and then leaving my skin for awhile. Immediately you can feel that your skin is clean but not tight, it’s not as moisturising as a moisturiser but far better than most other makeup wipes. It also definitely does the job of removing makeup (apparently you’re supposed to hold it against the eye for awhile instead of tugging away at your eye makeup, that does help!).

Another thing I liked about it was definitely the packaging! The Simple wipes and other wipes I’ve used do do a good job in keeping the sheets moist but I don’t feel comfortable about leaving them too long, and those are just around 25 sheets I think and there’s 40 in this Biore ones. Thank goodness for the air-tight container they come in:

It comes in a box!!!

The box is pretty too!

This is what the packet inside looks like by the way and they sell separate refill packs so you don’t always need to get a new box each time you run out.


Biore Inside

The packet itself stays pretty sealed even after you open it.

My one little bugbear is that the sheets themselves are a little small, definitely smaller than the Simple wipes and while I still manage to do my whole face with one I think if I went any heavier with makeup (especially eye makeup) I’d have to use two. I mean, that’s not a problem now and then but if you always have your makeup on heavy that be aware that you might go through these twice as fast!!

Biore Sheet

Here’s one sheet.

That’s all from me.

Would I repurchase? Well, I do like them and at roughly £6 they’re alright (cheaper without the box), it’s a big plus that the skin stays moisturised after and it’s less faff than messing around with cotton pads and makeup remover or micellar water.

However, I can’t get these in the UK… and I’m not sure if it’s worth carting them back with me from Asia! I’ve tried the L’Oreal Micellar Water and loved it, I think the next thing I’m going to try is the Garnier Micellar Water.




What do you use to remove your makeup?

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