Deal Alert! – 8 Nails Inc Polishes for £20!

Hello my lovelies!

It’s almost the weekend, woohoo, and here’s a great deal to kickstart the weekend: 8 full-sized Nails Inc polishes for £20 and, for today (Friday the 21st) only, free delivery as well.

The set in question is the Pastel Power set, available online at the Nails Inc website from 5pm this Thursday 20th of Feb.

The set is full of 8 10ml polishes, which are full-sized polishes. It’s a pretty good deal as a regular Nails Inc polish is usually £11, so to get 8 of them for £20!!! =O

Courtesy of info from the amazing MoneySavingExport, the colours in the set are: St James Square, Bruton Lane, Marylebone Road, Belsize Park, Chelsea Manor Gardens, Hyde Park Corner, Bloomsbury Way, Mayfair. I tried to track those colours down on the website but can’t find them. With a name like ‘Pastel Power’ though I’d assume that it’s a set of pastel coloured polishes, which would be perfect for Spring 😉

I’m not a nails person myself but it’s a great deal from a good brand so it’s perfect for giving away either as a set or even as stocking fillers (I know, I know, thinking wayyyy ahead here).

Free delivery is with the code FREEDELIVERY, it’s valid only for today Friday the 21st of February and it applies to all items, so it’s worth having a browse on the Nails Inc website just in case you see something you like. Delivery is worth £3.95 so it’s a great deal. I love free delivery because the idea of paying for delivery irks me, haha.

Enjoy your pretty new nails 😉



UPDATE: I can’t find the Pastel Power set on the website anymore so I’m assuming they’ve gone out of stock now! That was quick… =( But there’re other great set deals so if you haven’t got it yet do check those out asap.

Are you getting the Pastel Power set?

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