Free L’Occitane Skincare Consultations

Hello Beauty Lovers!

Here’s a short-time, temporary deal for y’all: a free skincare consultation courtesy of L’Occitane. =)

In-store Skincare Consultations

As you can see, the deal is only on for 3 days (the 18th, 19th and 20th of February) so basically you’ve only got today left!!!

I’ve literally only just seen this deal or I’d have posted it up way earlier of course >_< bit of a pity for those who can’t make it now.

For those who aren’t familiar with L’Occitane, I’ve raved about their hand cream before and also about their lovely Green Tea Shower Gel. I’ve also used their eye-creams and loved them. They can be pricey though so I’ve steered clear of, say, their cleansers/shampoos/conditioners (I’m sure it’s good but there’re some amazing haircare brands out there for much less).

I’d trust them with skincare any time and some free advice never hurt anyone (be aware of any pressuring to make a sale but L’Occitane has always struck me as being polite and nice so I don’t think that should happen). Also, I’m willing to bet you’d get a few sample sachets at the end of your consultation 😉 So if you’ve time today at all, pop down to L’Occitane!

For a list of participating outlets, check out this page. You should call the store you want to visit in advance to book your place, have fun!



What are your thoughts on L’Occitane Skincare?

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