Monday Munchies – free Nutella, Chew Bar sweets and Redbush Tea!

Hey Everyone!

And it’s Monday again. So high time for another edition of Monday Munchies with all it’s free food goodness 😉

Today’s edition is going to start off full of sweet treats and then end off with something detoxing: with a first a freebie from (the name says it all really) plus another one from Nutella, that amazing chocolate hazelnut spread, to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, and finally free tea from Redbush!!

First up, the Nutella deal!

Okay, this one is a competition but I’m still classifying it as a ‘freebie’ because absolutely everyone who enters will get a free personalised Nutella jar label, I think it’s really adorable how they’ve coloured the names red except for the first letters (like the actual Nutella jar) and also kept the first letters non-capitalised. Just kinda a cute little touch!

Personally, I’d ask for a jar label for a friend, especially if you have one who is a Nutella fan 😉

To enter, you have to share your own Nutella anecdote on the competition site here. There’s 5000 Anniversary Gifts to be given away (it doesn’t say what exactly but I’m guess Nutella will be involved…), 150 Nutella chopping boards and 100 Nutella aprons!!!

You’ve got to enter before 2nd March 2014, so go on and start thinking up a cute Nutella story, you’ve still got 2 weeks to do it 😉

Okay, next is free Chew Bars!

Free Sweets

This amazing site called Sweets for Free basically does what it says… it gives out sweets for free! You get free chew bars just for signing up and then you collect points by viewing ads on the site to redeem more sweets later on 🙂

Okay, finally, the one ‘healthy’ food freebie in today’s post… free tea from Redbush!

Very simple and easy to get, just fill in the samples request form here, you’ll be sent samples of their Original Redbush and Redbush Citrus for you to enjoy.

Okay, that’s all for this week’s Monday Munchies! Enjoy, enjoy =)



Which is your favourite Monday Munchie deal this week?

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