Valentine’s Extra Post – Free Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Uh-oh, it’s afternoon on Valentine’s Day and you still haven’t got anything for that significant other???

Surprise Face!


Not to worry because I’ve an emergency extra post today, just for you 😉

But first, spare a second to note my all-time favourite kitty picture…

Anyway, on with the Valentine’s freebies!

First, you need to get a card right? Even if you get nothing else, a soppy message on a card and plus maybe a home-cooked dinner or a massage will probably get you off the hook…

If so, hopefully you’re signed up to O2 Priority Moments or has a friend on O2 (I’ve mentioned this freebie app tons of times! Get O2, seriously, or make friends with someone who does have it, same thing) because they’re giving out free Valentine’s Cards from WH Smith.

Once you’ve got access to the Priority Moments app, just search for the offer and apply to get the code in the app itself, then visit any WHSmith store, pick a Valentine’s card you like and show the code on your phone at the checkout counter to get it for free. Magic.

What? You don’t have the time to pop down to WH Smith today?

Or you really can’t get access to a phone on O2?

Not to worry, I’ve still got you covered.

Let’s now turn to the gift that is, at the same time, possibly the sweetest gift in the world when given sincerely but also one of the world’s most cop-out I-didn’t-really-have-time-or-I-don’t-really-care gifts (I trust you’re in the former category, of course) – the Love Coupons.

In the past, we’d have resorted to making a mad dash to a stationary store (not much help if you already can’t afford the time to visit a card store!), grab glue, glitter, scented paper, ribbons etc. etc. and then pray to the Arts and Crafts gods for a sudden burst of inspiration and talent before producing a Valentine’s worthy book of coupons for that special someone (who, despite being so special, you somehow hadn’t gotten anything for yet).

Not anymore!

Download a template right here then all you need to do is fill in the coupons, print out, cut out and voila done! Stick them in a pretty envelope if you’re feeling fancy.

Don’t have the time to write anything? Download the pre-filled-in coupons here!

There, job done.

Now that all the stress and worry about getting a last minute gift is sorted, you can take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and read on…

1) Don’t Stress About Valentine’s Day – it will make the day about worry and not about love

2) Don’t Have Expectations – this day is not about you (we don’t need affirmations of love, if we did, why are we with who we are with?)

3) Appreciate – today it’s about your relationship, so focus on appreciating what your partner brings to it and let him/her know, that’s the sweetest gift.

4) It doesn’t have to be about love relationships 🙂 You can appreciate your parents, your friends and anyone else today!

I hope all of you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

I know my church tends to have a blast celebrating it, since they love that it’s such a perfect metaphor for God’s love for us, which is all service-orientated (ie. it’s all about how to serve the other person and not about yourself). I guess in an ideal world if we all focused on appreciating the other person in our relationship (including friendships, family etc) then everyone would be happy because you’d have loads of people appreciating you all the time! Making it even easier for you to appreciate them etc. etc. A happy vicious cycle, haha.

Well, that’s all from me! Hope you have an AMAZING Valentine’s Day and also 15th Day of the Chinese New Year! Which is officially the last day of Chinese New Year celebrations and also, coincidentally, the Chinese Valentine’s Day 😉 First time ever in my life that the two Valentine’s have coincided. Cool.

Lots and LOTS of Love,


How was your Valentine’s?

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