Deal Alert – Free Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

Hellooo lovelies!

Lots of amazing deals have popped up recently, (Clinique and bareMinerals to name a few) and now here’s another one that I find pretty fantastic.

Crabtree and Evelyn are giving out absolutely free hand creams worth up to £5 and as you can see from the amazing colour-wheel of hand cream below, they’ve got an impressively wide range.

Hand Therapy Wheel_small

If you’re not familiar with Crabtree and Evelyn, they’re basically an American skin care brand specialising in natural botanical ingredients. I’ve heard great things about their products, especially their soaps and bath stuff.

Their hand cream in particular is one of their best-selling products and also apparently award-winning. It’s rich in shea butter (I love the shea butter filled L’Occitane ones so the mention of this ingredient never fails to get me!) and come with lovely ‘earthy’ names such as ‘Iris’, ‘English Honey’, ‘Summer Hill’ and even ‘Avocado’!

Anyway, to get the free hand cream is pretty simple.

Basically, you just need to bring any tube of hand cream with you to absolutely any Crabtree and Evelyn store (find a store here) and they will swap it for you for a brand new tube!

And it doesn’t even need to be an old Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream, you can swap with any brand of hand cream, that’s the really amazing part! Plus the tube you bring in doesn’t need to be used, it could also be new.


I’m sure we’ve all got a tube laying around somewhere since we’re smack in the middle of the dry winter months, eh? Well, in return for whatever turn you have, you’ll get a 25g of the Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy Hand Cream that’s usually worth £5.

If you’ve got a cheap tube at home, just bring it in to swap it. If you’ve got an expensive tube, use it first (lol…) and then swap it. Technically you could even grab a cheap tube from a poundstore to swap and you’d still be getting a great deal.

The deal ends on 12th March or when stocks run out, so do get in there quickly!



What hand cream are you using now?

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