Freebie Alert – Valentine’s Gift for Him

Hi everyone!

This is for those of you who need to give a male significant other a gift for Valentine’s 😉

Thankfully, Wilkinson’s Razors are on exactly the same page and are currently giving out up to 20,000 free personalised Hyrdro 5 razors!!!

To tell you the truth, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this giveaway. They did it a few months back and I entered and ended up getting the amazing freebie you see below:

Free Wilkinson Razor

This is what the Hydro 5 looks like brand new, the bf has been happily using it.

Wilkinson’s actually does these quite regularly. The razor you see above is the first one I entered for, which I got. I entered again a few weeks later when they did another giveaway but this time I personalised it for my dad and, yes, I got it again! Which is why I’m doing a post about it because it’s pretty obvious that the odds of winning are quite high!!!

To get your own personalised razor, first head over to their Facebook page here, ‘like’ it, click ‘Enter’ and then fill out the form.

It’s targeted towards men who want to have a nice shave before Valentine’s but I really think a personalised razor is a pretty sweet gift (no?). Plus, it’ll be pretty fun thinking up some funky or cute name to personalise it with that relates to your guy 😉

Anyways, enjoy!



What will you name yours?

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