Monday Munchies – Free Pizza, Protein Shake and Luxury Box of Chocolates

Helllooo All!

Welcome to another week =)

Today I’ve a strange mix of healthy (protein shake) and unhealthy (pizza) and Valentine’s appropriate (box of chocolates) freebie for you.

Let’s start with the pizza, shall we? ūüėČ

So, Doctor’ Oetker’s are giving out 100,000 of their new Panebello pizzas (honestly looks pretty delicious) on their website over here. This is honestly the easiest freebie form I’ve ever seen, just one blank to fill in and that’s your email address!

It’s actually a prize-giveaway draw and they’ll be holding 5 weekly draws over the next 5 weeks, but since there’s 100,000 up for grabs that odds are very much in your favour, so enter away!

If you win, they’ll notify you by email and send you a free voucher, so do keep an eye on your spam folder over the next few weeks.

Next is the healthy one… free sports nutrition sample from Elivar.

Elivar do a range of ‘sports nutrition’ products which, for lack of better understanding or clearer info, I’m going to simply term as protein shakes… apparently each product has ‘a sophisticated mix of slow-burn carbohydrate and a rich supply of protein’, which sounds great and definitely worth a try (I mean, it’s free!).

On their¬†sample request form here, you¬†can choose between a 65g pack of the Chocolate flavoured Recover pack or a 45g pack of the Mango or Orange flavoured Endure pack. I’m guessing Endure is for consumption during endurance¬†exercises and Recover is for after.

And finally, one for all of you fellas out there who’re looking for Valentine’s gifts or even just those of you who want a cheeky Valentine’s self-treat (hey, it’s meant to be a celebration of love and who better to learn to love than yourselves? And God, of course, but I always felt that ultimately leads you back to learning how to love yourself. But enough love talk, back to the chocolates…).

Free Thorntons Chocolates - TopCashback

The deal is for a box from the amazing Thornton’s chocolates (I love Thornton’s!) and, including delivery, it’ll be worth ¬£10 all in all.

It’s a little complicated though this one, basically you’ll need to first sign up with Top Cashback over here¬†(if you haven’t heard of cashback sites, basically when you buy stuff through them you manage to save money and it gets credited back to you thanks to some special deals/offers they have in place).

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be redirected to the special Thorntons page where you can¬†add the box of chocolates to your basket and¬†add the discount code,¬†then buy the chocolates. Your full purchase amount will then be credited back to your TopCashback account within 3-4 weeks and finally you can withdraw the money straight back into your bank account (it should be ¬£10 in all). So yes, rather convoluted and you need to wait 3 to 4 weeks for it to be ‘free’ but if you’re willing to go through the hassle/wait you do end up with a free little box of Thorntons!

So, if you play your deals right, you can potentially get a main course (pizza) and a dessert (chocolates) out of this, and then burn all those spare calories off with the aid of your Elivar drink ūüėČ

Hope that makes your week!



Which munchie is your favourite this week? =)

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