Deal Alert – Clinique Foundation 5-Day Trial

Update 11/02/2014: If you went for this deal you should definitely check out the free foundation sample and makeunder deal that bareMinerals is having on right now too!

Hello my beautiful readers!

What better way to spend a weekend than to pop into town and take advantage of a little beauty freebie, eh? 😉

Especially on a Saturday, because my church service in London is always on a Sunday and we’re such a tiny church that you always end up on duty for something every other week (or service wouldn’t run!) so Sundays are pretty much always full for me… but Saturday is me-time =D Mainly to run errands, shop around (physically, not online, online shopping happens like always), go check out that new place I’ve been wanting to check out… etc.

Basically, my point is, if you’re like me and planning a trip into a central, shopping-y area anyway, you’ve got to check out this voucher that just popped into my email (and there’s another voucher too, but read on to find out!):

Clinique Free Foundation

Sadly I’m not in London this weekend so I can’t make use of this deal myself but if I were I honestly really would, it’s pretty amazing and here’s why I think so:

Firstly, it’s Clinique, which you would already know I love (see my review of their Dramatically Different Moisturiser +, their amazing Moisture Surge CC that I’m still using now and my old haul).

Secondly, I like that their foundations tend to have a good variety of shades, so it doesn’t matter if you’re pale, fair, dark, with a warm or cool skintone, just ask at the counter and you can find a match (not always the case!).

Finally, and probably most importantly, they’re offering a 5-day trial not just a dinky little sachet! From my experience, this means they’ll probably put a liberal scoop of the product in a take-away tub, so it’s far more store-able than a sachet (that’s really just one-time use unless you store it very, very carefully… and then it’s not very hygienic) and you’ll probably get more than 5-days from it.

5 days also means you can try it out as a base for a variety of looks or just incorporate it into your routine for a whole week and just see how it’s like ‘living’ with the new foundation.

I’m sure you’re sold by this point, haha, to get this just print out the voucher and head to any Clinique counter. Those are pretty common, which is great, most department stores have them and so do the bigger Boots stores.

And if you do think you’d like the foundation and would want to invest and buy one, you can make use of this other voucher right here!

Clinique Free PrimerI’ve heard of their Superprimers, not tried one just but just like their foundations they’re terribly customisable (depending on your priming needs, or you can just get a translucent universal one). It’s a thoughtful addition to the voucher for the trial, I know it’s all marketing but hey, they did care enough to think that anyone purchasing a foundation is currently thinking about their makeup base and so a free Superprimer is more suitable than, say, free lipstick?

So, that’s all from me!

I hope the vouchers make your weekend 🙂



ps: this Saturday I’m meeting a really good friend I haven’t met in years for breakfast, then I have plans with family, then having a girly sleepover with a friend in a hotel (my dad got a room for free and only for this Saturday, lol!). Looking forward to checking out the hotel pool!

pps: right, I realise you might not have been interested in my Saturday plans, haha, still fun to share though!

What are your plans this Saturday? 😉

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