The Amazing Ugg Shezbies – Review

Hello Everyone!!!

As the title would suggest, I finally got them!!!

Those regular readers out there would know what I’m talking about… I first spotted these babies here on AMR but the price utterly turned me off, I just can’t spend £195 on a pair of boots no matter how amazing they are. So instead I just stuck them on my wishlist and patiently waited.

Of course, I know where there’s a will there’s a way and the moment I realised they were on discount (also from AMR), I instantly jumped to the website.

Helloooooo Shezbies!

Helloooooo Shezbies!

As luck would have it, they didn’t stock my size in black but I didn’t want to compromise and get the brown because I knew I’d use the black much, much more… I could’ve gotten a size up but I didn’t want to risk it, so I did what any girl on a quest for shoes would do: I bookmarked the website and checked it obsessively, until one day they magically had Size 4 in stock again and I literally bought it in a minute.

They were reduced to £135, which is still pricey to be fair, but by then I’d been waiting for months so it wasn’t an impulse buy and the last time I didn’t have a pair of booties (my old ones gave up and died like a year ago) and basically, long story short, I convinced myself I should get them, lol.


Honestly, this is the most I’ve spent in awhile on something other than electronics or travel (ie. plane tickets) but aren’t they gorgeous?

The main reason why I wanted them is because I’m a tad bit on the short side and in my line of work (ie. directing/producing entertainment) both my gender and race kind of plays against me, being small doesn’t help at all! But I’m never one to sacrifice comfort for style because more often than not I’m running around half the day and I’d be liable to break an ankle or do some severe long-term damage to my feet.

So what really got me about the Shezbies aren’t that they’re gorgeous (of course it helps that they are) but that they’re a killer heel with comfort. And I can really attest to that!

When I first pulled them on the right one felt a tad bit too tight but since then (I’ve had them for a couple weeks now as I wanted to proper try them out before reviewing them) the really soft leather has stretched a bit since then and I’ve not had a problem wearing them for up to 10 hours at a go. I’ve walked a lot in them as well, up and down stairs and what-not, and my feet have never ever killed me. When I’m getting them off at night I never feel ‘oh thank God these boots are off!’ but I do go all ‘God, I love these boots, thank you!’.

So these are now my favourite boots and I’m going to make sure I take great care of them and not over-wear them (they’re reserved for work meetings and important date-days only!).

What I’ve learnt from all these is, bad heels kill your feel and make your day a living hell (and aren’t worth it), good heels give you that extra oomph in height/posture and are a major blessing. I’m an utter cheapskate but I’ve been converted to a good heel, no more trying to squeeze my feet into cheap, bad heels…

Cheap, bad flats I can deal with though 😉

Oh, and I should add, Ugg Australia has the best service I’ve ever experienced from buying stuff online!

As you can see below, the boots were beautifully packed, there were lots of tissue and cardboard in the boot itself to make sure it retained its shape.

Shezbie Box Shezbie Open Shezbie in Box

The best thing was that I’d got the boots the morning after I’d ordered them! And I ordered them at 4 in the afternoon and didn’t even select next day delivery, just normal delivery. Amazing service I’m sure you’ll agree! I couldn’t believe it!



What’s your favourite pair of boots right now?

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6 thoughts on “The Amazing Ugg Shezbies – Review

  1. Penny, how are yo ugetting on with your Shezbie boots? Am thinking of getting a pair before they are completely gone and am worried they might be a bit high to walk in? Thanks.

    • Hi Mary! They are definitely a very, very high heel but what I love about them is that they can have such height while still being comfy, I’ve lasted whole days out running from meeting to meeting in them and haven’t felt my feet ache.

      I’d suggest either popping into an Ugg store to try them on (they’re also on sale in-stores actually but they might not have your preferred colour/size) or just order them because their returns policy is a healthy 28 days. You can try them on, have a bit of a walk around in the house and decide if you want to keep them or not =)

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