Monday Munchies – Cookbooks!


Another Monday another Monday Munchies!

Has anyone heard the phrase ‘Give a  man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.’? Well, in line with that, I’ve spotted a few cookbook-related freebies and decided to focus on those for this week’s Monday Munchies!!

free whole grain recipe booklet

Mmmm wholegrain goodies!

First up, an amazing freebie that I’m so excited about that I’ve already filled out the form for it!

The lovely and nutritious Wholegrain Goodness are giving out free recipe books! You can even request more than 1 so you can grab a couple for friends. I asked for 3 cookbooks so the bf can have 1 (he actually asked for cookbooks for Christmas…) and 1 more because I just know I’ll think of someone who’d love to get one.

Also, it’s not just any cookbook, it’s full of healthy eating recipes that are also easy and tasty (well, that’s subjective haha). So if you’re one of those who’ve made a Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution then this is perfect for you 😉

As a bonus, with every order you will also be entered into a prize draw for a UK spa break for two.

Just click here to fill out the form, so straight forward and easy, do it now!!

Next is a freebie catered towards those budding chefs amongst you who want a cookbook of your very own to put in your own special one-of-a-kind recipes…

Free Personalised Cookbook

Gourmandize, a new website for sharing recipes online, are offering new people who sign up a new personalised recipe book.

Just sign up here, add your own recipes online, choose your booklet format/photos and order it to be printed before Feb 28th to get your free book!!!

And if you add more than 40 recipes, you’ll get to customise your own free burgundy apron as well!

I think it’s pretty cool to have your own recipe book… maybe it could even be a sweet Valentine’s gift (ie. if you thought of a whole book of recipes full of just meals you know your loved one would like).

Right, so that’s me for today, super excited about the cookbook (lol)!



Cookbooks, anyone?

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