Quick Lil Deal Alert – Escada Born In Paradise Fragrance

Hello Lovelies!

Just an uber-quick deal alert for you today as it’s now pushing 5am in Singapore and I’ve not gone to bed yet!

For some reason, I’d deluded myself into thinking I could actually enjoy my time away from London, especially since I find myself away for the whole month this time, but noooo =P Somehow, it turns out that I’ve 4 projects to manage from abroad while I’m here (3 films, 1 play) but at least all the films will have wrapped before I head back. I’m hoping by next week things will calm down a bit as I’ve been out all day and working mostly through the nights, eep.

free escada born in paradise fragrance

The deal today is one of those proliferate perfume sample freebies you see floating around on this blog every so often, hehe. I don’t find them as exciting as I used to anymore but it really is a great way to bring perfume about on-the-go and a wonderful way to sample a perfume for a day to see if you love it enough to properly live in it.

The fragrance is their new ‘Born in Paradise’, which from the name and image you can tell is going to be tropical-inspired (great for a pick-me-up in these dreary winter months!)

I personally am not usually excited by tropical scents but this perfume was inspired by the Pina Colada (now that’s different!!) and apparently has pineapple, coconut milk, watermelon, green apple and guava all in it. Literally sounds delicious.

To order your free sample just click here and fill out the form, if you’re a regular reader you know the drill by now 😉 Samples should be with you latest in 28 days!



What’s your favourite cocktail?

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