Magnitone Pulsar – 7 Day Challenge Review

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!!!

In case you don’t know what that’s all about, it’s basically the new year according to the Lunar calendar (which the Chinese follow, that’s why Chinese New Year is today!).

It’s actually lovely to be in Singapore for this festivity, it just feels more… erm, festively accurate? Haha. Like being in London for Christmas I guess (as opposed to, say, Thailand??).

Anyway, you’ll probably remember that a few weeks back I received a Magnitone Pulsar to try and I did a little post introducing it and also about my first thoughts on it (you can find it here).

I’ve been using it for almost a good 2 weeks now (I know, I know, 7 days longer than the 7 day challenge but I thought I might as well trial it properly if I’m giving it a whirl!) and now it’s time to give you my full thoughts on it!!

Here it is again, in case you've forgot...

Here it is again, in case you’ve forgot…

User Friendliness

Right, this first then since it’s the first thing anyone realises once they start to use a product.

It comes partly charged, which was really helpful to me, and although the instructions say it needs 24 hours of charging when it’s low (24 hours is LONG!!) in my experience it’s only a few hours max before it’s fully charged again. I used it twice a day for facial cleansing only and a fully charged Magnitone Pulsar lasted me just over a week before it needed another power-up, not bad I say. Note that this will vary depending on what settings you use it on and for how long!

In terms of ergonomics, I couldn’t be happier, the handle fits very nicely in my palm, really easy to manoeuvre the brush and everything.

Rinsing/cleaning it is easy too, the brush-head is the easiest thing in the world to twist in/out, and this is coming from me, arguably one of the clumsiest and most rough-handling people in the world (I drop my iPhone at least twice a week…). It does get very wet when you use it though and you’ll need a clean counter or surface with a towel laid out just to let it dry between uses so in that sense it’s not very space-friendly.

I LOVE that you can use it in the shower!! That gets max-love points from me (lol).

Finally, one little criticism, the brush makes little bits of water fly everywhere so be prepared to get your top sprinkled while you’re using this. And I suggest you start on your cheeks not your forehead otherwise the combination of sprinkle/later will get in your eyes and make for a very squinty facial cleansing experience thereafter (as I found out).

Also, I find I use more cleanser when I use a cleansing brush, anyone else find this too?


No, not the crisps, sensations as in how I felt using it!

Word of advice, they instruct newbies to cleanse with it for only a minute at first and at the Sensitive setting… believe them.

I tend to be an over-enthusiastic scrubber (rough-handling, that’s me) and I think I properly used it for too long and at the normal setting, you can really feel the rawness afterwards! Be gentle at the beginning.

Must say though, even the normal headed brush is pretty soft. What I’d really warn against is pressing the brush too hard against your skin as you cleanse, just the lightest of touches is needed so the dirt is ‘pulsed’ away and not roughly scrubbed off (along with your lovely skin…). The exact pressure needed took awhile for me to learn.

Overall though, it’s not an un-pleasant feeling! After I learnt to be more gentle with it, it’s quite a nice little routine to add to your daily cleansing.

Oh, and can I add… I also love the massage function! I use that after cleansing near my eye area and along my jaw to help increase blood-flow and hopefully ‘de-puff’ and ‘detox’ those areas, even if it does nothing else it feels like a treat.


Ah, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

So, is my skin any clearer?

To be very honest, I can’t see that my pores are any smaller or my skin are clearer but it did make my skin mega-soft and I can definitely attest to the fact that that my skin has begun purging.

I normally never get anything on my cheeks but have been getting a few tiny bumps now, likewise for my chin. They’re not a problem at all, no infections or large angry acne but definitely signs of whatever was lurking underneath gradually sneaking up here!

My skin did get extremely dry after the first couple uses. I believe the reason was I was still using my nightly Lierac High Peel exfoliator, I didn’t want to change up my routine because I wanted to see what difference the Pulsar would make to my daily routine but I guess it was just too much for my skin and it became seriously epicly flakey and dry! I ditched the exfoliator a few nights back and have been moisturising intensely now, everything’s back to normal.. have to say the brush was also useful at exfoliating the dry skin on my face! (not on the exfoliation setting of course, that’s just for body I believe, just use it as you’d normally do for facial cleansing and it exfoliates too woohoo).

Overall, I certainly do ‘feel’ cleaner and more pampered using this, plus based on how I see my skin reacting now (purging and all) I know if I keep using this I will get better skin in the long run so I’m very very happy with it!

Should You Buy It?

Tough one!

£129.90 is pricey no matter how you look at it, I think, but it’s always better to buy a brush that you know will work than a £40 version that does nothing and the Pulsar does double up for body exfoliation too.

If you ever see it on offer as it was before (at £60 at one time I think!) don’t hesitate to snap it up, otherwise I’d say wait patiently for a good deal unless you’ve got your heart set on a facial cleansing brush (ie. it’s on your wishlist and you’ve got to have one no matter what!!). If you’re in the latter, then I’m more than happy to recommend this brush!



Do you use any electronic face cleansers?

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