Kate Spade Wallet

Hello Lovelies!

I’m typing this the night before my flight to Singapore but by the time you read it I’ll probably be mid-flight…

So, as I mentioned a few posts back, I spent Christmas and Boxing Day in America and one thing we did was hit Macy’s for Boxing Day Sales! I already did a fashion sales haul post some time back (see it here) but I also picked up a few other bits and bobs, one of which is this brand new wallet.

Hello new wallet!

Hello new wallet!

This is (and it may seem funny to you) a big deal to me. Lol.

It might be obvious to you already based on my spending habits (which are pretty much loudly proclaimed in the name of the blog itself) but I don’t really go for brands, they just don’t excite me. I don’t mind shopping with people who do love brands (as my friend’s huge Bicester brand haul in summer would probably have shown) but I just don’t go for them myself.

Another thing about me is that I tend not to ever change stuff (ie. same coat, same bag, same wallet…), partly because when I pick something it’s because I really, really love it so I buy to keep and also partly because I get attached to thing (I think I anthropomorphise them a bit much!).

So… this is actually the first time I’ve changed my wallet in 5 years (hehe…) and it’s also a brand name wallet, surprise + surprise!

Sadly, I can’t really remember the price now but I do remember it was a fraction of the original and an amazing bargain. Also, my mum pointed out my wallet did need changing. She had to point it out 3 times but I finally agreed (sadly, I did love that wallet).

There were a few to pick from but this was my definite favourite:

Kate Spade Wallet FrontI just love the polka-dots! I think they add just enough sparkle and enough, erm, un-sparkle. There was another one which was entirely pink and sparkly, not me at all although I can see why some would find it very pretty. Also quite like the placement of the Kate Spade logo and how the dots make it feel slightly ‘off-centre’.

Kate Spade Wallet BackThis is the back of it, where the coins go in the zip-pouch. Exactly what you’d expect the back of it to look like. Sorry, not very inspired writing here but, well, there it is! Lol.

I also like the length of it, it makes the wallet seem like a semi-purse which always feels more ‘formal’ and ‘feminine’ to me =)

Kate Spade Wallet InsideFinally, the inside!

So many card-holders, hurrahhhh!!!! I always, always have too many cards, this is perfect.

One gripe though is that the bit for the notes are actually too small for British notes =O =O =O yes, I kid you not. My American money fit in well but the width of the British notes (especially £20 notes) make them completely stick out. I need to fold my money up and slide them in sideways. I hardly carry cash around these days anyway but if you do… would be wise to check it first haha.

By the way, the Kate Spade monogram in the bottom left looks pretty, doesn’t it? Must be something about the gold against the black. Nice touch there.

As you can see, the clasp is inside the wallet. I didn’t think I’d like this at first because I thought it made it look more bulky and less ‘closed-up’ when I shut it but actually it makes this thing a breeze to shut! I just need to snap it closed, yes, it literally just snaps shut.

So, that’s it! My new wallet =)



ps: here’s a pic of my old wallet in case you were interested… it was a gift and I loved it, I loved the picture on it and I loved dreaming possible stories to go with it but it’s really quite tatty now.

Goodbye old wallet, you'll be missed :'(

Goodbye old wallet, you’ll be missed 😥

What does your wallet look like?

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