Kiko Milano on Regent’s Street

Hi Everyone!

So, it’s been quite awhile since I did my post on the Kiko that was due to open on Regent’s Street (see that post here) how time flies – that Kiko branch has actually been open for over a month now???

Sad to say, I didn’t have time to dash down there the minute it opened (I think I wasn’t even in UK then) but I squeezed in some time while waiting for a dinner appointment last week to duck into the store to snap a few pictures and do up a quick review and here it is ūüėČ

First of all, I’ve got to apologise for some of the blurry pictures. I was in a bit of a rush and didn’t realise how terrible some were! Also, despite it being a weekday evening there was a surprising number of people in there and I did get jolted around a bit… hope these give you an idea of what the store’s like anyway if you were pondering over whether you should pop in or not.

Kiko Outside

It’s finally open, no more ‘coming soon’ signboards!

It’s so lovely to see the exterior all up and going! You can’t tell from the picture but it’s an impressive display of constantly moving multimedia, just really encapsulates Kiko in my mind… because they have such a vast and vibrant selection of colours and even their storefront feels the same.

I’ve used a few Kiko products in my time and the quality is definitely there for a fraction of the price that you’d expect to pay, I’d say their strong points are in pigmentation (almost all their products are uber-pigmented… lips, eyes, you name it!) and sheer range of choice. Yep, it’s a total one-stop-shop for any look you could possibly be looking to create and I honestly feel that’s a major selling point.

If you’re just looking for 1 specific item, say a black eyeliner or¬†a blue eyeshadow or whatever, popping into a drugstore or even stopping by your favourite counter would do. But if you’re looking for a ‘look’, say, pastel eyes for Spring or a choice of red lips, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend Kiko all the way, because I know you’ll find what you’re looking for and you’ll also walk away with a good product.

And to illustrate what I mean…

Lips Kiko

See that row? That’s just their lip-glosses! And above that one of their lipstick ranges. You can tell there’s even more out of shot, it’s like it goes on till infinity and past the horizon or something, virtually a landscape full of lip products…

Mascara Kiko

And these are just mascaras! All mascaras!!! I never knew so many could exist. They cover any function or even colour you could ever want in a mascara…

It’s not just make-up, they do skincare too and their Skin Trainer serum is even in my current wishlist¬†for the year.

If you’re in¬†Central London, definitely drop by here.¬†It’s definitely closer than Westfields¬†at any rate! The only thing I’d look out against is walking outwith half the store because everything is so tempting. I was so¬†pushed for time I actually didn’t get anything, I’m surprised at myself even,¬†lol. But I’m definitely planning to visit again and this time I’ll be armed with a list of stuff I’m getting!!

That’s all from me! Would love to hear your thoughts about the Kiko on Regent’s Street¬†=D



OMG they even have a downstairs...

OMG they even have a downstairs…

What Kiko products would you recommend? =D

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4 thoughts on “Kiko Milano on Regent’s Street

  1. Can’t wait to get in there. I’d forgotten all about that shop opening there. What would I recommend? I’d say their lipsticks and their nail varnishes.

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