Monday Munchies – Free Warburtons Sandwich Thins and Cocktails!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, another Monday and another week, huh? Here’s another Monday Munchies to lighten up your day =) There’s a great deal in here that I hope you’ll really enjoy…

Yes, you read that right!!!

Seriously, my eyes mega lit-up when I saw ‘free cocktail’ and it isn’t a scam either, it’s not any ‘free cocktail after your 10th cocktail etc. etc.’ kinda deal, it’s actually an honest-to-God (honest-to-bartender?) free cocktail!

But the more ‘boring’ freebie first… lol.

Warburtons are giving away free packs of their new sandwich thins in conjunction with the London Evening Standard. You can claim your free sandwich by printing this voucher and claiming at all major supermarkets.

I’ve tried their thins before, ridiculously tasty (if you use it to make your lunch it makes you your meal was suddenly upgraded 2 levels of classy) and apparently really healthy too (100 calories per thin or something, who’s counting?).

free warburtons sandwich thins

You’ve till the end of January to claim your free sandwich thins, that’s the end of this week so print this out asap and bring it along with you when you do your weekly shop this week! Why not, it’s an entirely free loaf of thins.

Okay, now for the free cocktails!

These are courtesy of Late Night London, who operate over 40 bars/clubs/restaurants in London.

The free cocktail’s a mojito by the way!

To get the free cocktail, you just need to sign up with Late Night London here and then print off your voucher!

The voucher is valid till the end of January, so again you’ve till the end of the week to claim this (grab some mates for cheeky mid-week drinks after work/school?) and they’re also for use only at Late Night London venues, you can find a list here.

Right! I sincerely hope those freebies brightened up your day, hopefully today’s post will lead to more exciting lunches and nights out for you this week 😉



Do you like mojitos…? What’s your favourite cocktail?

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