Deal Alert – Free Manuka Docter

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Got ‘freebie’ today. I put the word freebie in quotation marks because you do kinda have to pay a little to get it (you pay for the postage basically) but it’s still a pretty good deal since the company is genuinely giving the product for free.

The freebie is courtesy of Manuka Doctor, which have been getting great reviews recently.

Manuka Doctor Try Me Kit

If you don’t know what they, as the name suggests (manuka ie. manuka honey) their skincare products are natural, no harsh chemicals and have bee venom and manuka honey as key ingredients more often than not.

One very important thing to flag up, all their products are bee friendly harvested!!! Which is already saying more than half of the jars of honey you’d see in a regular supermarket!

So in their sample start kit you’d get the following products from their ApiNourish range [meant to protect/nourish skin]:

  • Rejuvenating Face Mask (7ml)
  • Age-defying Serum (7ml)
  • Restoring Night Cream (7ml)
  • 25% off next order voucher

7ml doesn’t sound like a lot but you know the usual small jar of face cream is, say, around 50ml? That’s the size of my current Clinque moisturiser and it’s lasted me a good 3 months (and there’s still some left), so you can get a couple weeks at least out of 7ml? Depends on how much you slather on and how often you use it!

Honestly, I don’t think you can tell how well an ‘age-defying serum’ works unless you use it for months and months but the face mask and night cream should have some effects easily seen after first of second use, a few days at most (ie. softer skin, more hydrated skin etc. etc.). And how you personally like how the product feels/smells is important as well of course!!

Well, that’s all from me for today! Click here to get to the page with the fantastic deal. Postage costs either £2.50 or £5 if you select first class (go for £2.50 obviously!!) and the products themselves usually cost £15.00 so, pretty good deal!

Have a lovely weekend!



Out of curiosity, anyone here take manuka honey regularly?

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